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How to Bid

Interruptions to the Auction - If in our opinion this auction cannot be satisfactorily concluded on the scheduled ending date due to acts of God, war, government regulation, terrorism, disaster, strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities or any other emergency of a comparable nature beyond our control, we reserve the right to end, reschedule, or extend the auction.


Deadline for Receipt of Bids - For this auction the deadline for receipt of bids is midnight, February 1, 2013.  It is best if you email the bid form to us (, but faxing is also acceptable. 


Notification of Winners - At the close of the auction all bids will be tabulated and all winners notified. Those providing us with an email address or a "dedicated line" FAX number will be notified immediately, all others by postal mail.  YOUR BIDS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THIS DEADLINE.


10% Buyers Premium - Most clocks are listed at or below the price we paid for them.  A 10% buyer’s premium is added to all winning bids; thus, if you win a clock with a bid of $50, your invoice will total $55, unless you are a Kentucky resident, in which case an additional 6% sales tax will be added.  If you have a Kentucky Tax Number and are purchasing the item for resale you will be exempt from the tax.


Payment - Items won must be paid for within 15 business days after notification, unless other arrangements are made. We can hold items for a limited time depending on circumstances.  We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal check, bank wire, cashier’s check, and money orders.  


Authenticity/Condition – This is by far the most difficult challenge of selling antique clocks.  We have over 30 years of experience in evaluating clocks and make every effort to accurately describe the clock, its condition (including damage and defects), authenticity, and any weaknesses or shortcomings.  Routine nicks, scratches, fading, normal wear, replaced hands, pendulum bobs, etc. may not be noted.  When necessary we call in knowledgeable collectors, clock repair people, and even antique dealers for consultation.  We do our best to accurately describe the clocks, but invariably some issues will be missed; as with any antique auction, these clocks are sold AS IS.  Please review the clock photo(s) thoroughly before bidding; issues readily apparent from the photo(s) will not be considered for redress.


Warranties and Guarantees - Information in the written descriptions concerning age, authenticity, genuineness, quantity, period, culture, source, or origin is warranted for a period of 30 days upon receipt of the item, whether picked up in person or shipped. After 30 days all sales are final and there will be no refunds. Warranty extends only to the registered buyer. This warranty does not cover wear to the case, wear to movements, minor imperfections or flaws. This disclaimer applies whether the information is included in the written descriptions, through our representatives, or elsewhere, whether written or oral.


Our condition reports are statements of opinion by Horton’s and we stand by them. We devote far more space for descriptions than any other auction company. Still, we may not see a minor repair, a touchup, broken suspension springs, bad weight cords, odd keys, and many other things, most of which we never mention. In the rare instance where hidden or undisclosed damage, restoration, or replaced movements or dials are discovered that may affect the item's value, we must be notified in 10 days of your receipt of the merchandise. We have always tried to make things right with our buyers. As noted below, damage in transportation is not a valid reason to return an item – insure your clock with the shipper!


Can I see additional pictures? - Now that our auctions are online and not in printed form we will be offering many more pictures. Color catalogs are very expensive so we kept pictures to a bare minimum. You can request additional pictures and if not already stored in our computer we will take more pictures and email them to you. Unlike most auction houses we do not use Photoshop or any other modern miracle process to make our pictures look better.


Does it Run? – We usually note whether a clock is running, but make no guarantee that it will run for the expected period (30 hr, 8-days), and buyers should recognize that many clocks will need adjustment after shipping. If you are unwilling to accept a clock that may require servicing please refrain from bidding.


Clock Keys - Most clocks will have keys. If a key is with the clock when we acquire it, it will be in the case when you receive the clock.  Keys are available from all supply houses, and we have extras if one is not included and you need one. 


Minimum Bids and Estimates of Selling Prices – Each clock or item will have a minimum bid, which typically represents the price we paid for the clock.  No bids below this price will be accepted.  An anticipated selling price-range is also provided for each clock, based on the actual prices we have realized in our past sales, as well as other auctions that we regularly monitor.


Shipping – We do not ship clocks, but will convey your clocks to a reputable shipper who has considerable experience in shipping antique clocks.  We will arrange for the shipper to contact you regarding the shipping arrangements, including payment; you will have option of choosing your shipping method, including USPS Parcel Post, UPS, and FEDEX, both standard and expedited shipping.  Shipping overseas is not a problem, but there are some countries to which our shippers will not ship.  If you suspect you live in a restricted country please contact us for further information.  It is your responsibility to insure your clock; we will not accept clocks returned for damage incurred during shipping.   You can also arrange to pick up your clock(s) or have a transporter do so. 


Posting of Prices Realized - Prices realized will be posted on the website as soon as possible following the auction.  Items that do not sell at auction will be available for purchase at the minimum bid price plus 10% on a first-come first-served basis.

Terms and Conditions

The items described on this website will be sold to the highest bidder. A minimum price is shown after each item description. You must bid at least the minimum; the maximum is up to you. If the only bid received on an item is equal to the minimum it will be the winning bid.


Bid Increments - If there are two bids for an item, one for $500 and the other for $1,000, the item will be sold to the $1000 bidder for $550. The bid increments are as follows: 0-$1,000 = $50; over $1,000 = $100.


Submit your bids on a bid sheet. You may submit a second page if necessary.  Enter the item number for each item you bid on, a brief description, and the amount of your bid for that item in the "Bid Amount" column.  List your bids in order of priority (first to last) if you have a spending limit.  Use the “Notes” column to provide any additional information – such as, “I only want this item if I don’t get item ___”. 


To eliminate ties do not bid even dollars. For example, bid $101 instead of $100.  Whole dollars only.


If you only want to spend a certain amount, enter the maximum amount you wish to spend on the bid sheet in the space provided.  Bid on everything you are interested in and list each item in the order of your preference.  We will work down through your list until your accumulated winning bids reach the amount you want to spend.


Be sure your name, address, day phone, evening phone, and your email address or a dedicated line FAX number are included on the bid form.


Send your bids by email, FAX, or US mail. We cannot accept telephone bids.  Note that all bids MUST BE RECEIVED by the closing date.


Why can’t I see what the other bids are? – This is a blind auction, where all the bids are entered at the close of the auction.  No one knows what others are bidding, you simply have to bid the most that you are willing to pay for an item and hope for the best.  Think of it as the last 5 seconds of an eBay auction:  If you really want the item, bid your max; if you only want the item if you can get it at a ‘good’ price, bid that price and hope no one else really wants it.

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