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515.                      $2000


Ithaca No. 5 1/2, Hanging Belgrade.  This is the 8-day time-and-strike version in a walnut case.  I dont see any evidence that the case has ever been refinished.   All the trim parts look original; the two crest finials have been broken off and reglued, but the repair is barely noticeable and these are the only flaws I can find.  The carved incisions on the dial boards retain their gold fill.  Note the presence of the very small side finials on the bottom scroll piece.  The door glass is old, the pendulum is old and correct.  Both dials must be original, as are the hands.  The time dial badly needs replacement, which can be accomplished easily by buying a replacement dial from Joel Warren.  He will tell you not to do it, as he told us (I would do it anyway).  There have been some solder repairs to the movement, and the calendar movement may have been rebuilt; both look too good to be untouched.  The clock is running, keeping time, striking on the hour on a wire gong, and the calendar is advancing the day and date.  I have not had it running long enough to see if the month advances.   $2500-$3500.

Interior             Back     Movement       Calendar


528.                     $95    


Seth Thomas Drop Octagon with 10 inch bezel and original glass.  A nice walnut case, no nicks or scratches, 21.5 inches in height.  Replacement glossy paper dial with inner ring and original hands.  Time only, 8-day signed ST movement (8 ) running strongly and keeping time.  Remnants of an instruction label on inside back, good lower glass. Whats not to like?  $100-$150.



514.                      $225


New Haven Tampa calendar store clock, ca. 1906.  This store clock was fully refurbished with a new brass dial pan, paper dial, and upper and lower glasses.  A clean New Haven 8-day time, strike, and simple calendar movement strikes once on the half-hour and counts out the hours on a high quality cathedral gong.  The hands and pendulum are old if not original. The 37 x 16 oak case has been refinished, but the interior was not painted black, showing the very nice grain of the oak backboards. A small oak ornament is missing from the crest, but its absence is not noticeable.  The clock is running properly.  $250-$400.

Interior             Movement


513.                      $295


E. Ingraham Landau calendar wall clock, ca. 1907.  This is the 8-day time-and-calendar version, with the mission oak finish as shown in Lys book Ingraham Clocks and Watches on page 147.  The case has been nicely refinished and both glasses are old but probably not original.  The paper dial is a replacement, and is actually two paper dials pasted together; apparently the refinisher wanted a time dial with the Ingraham name on the face, perhaps to match the original dial.  The hands are correct, as is the pendulum bob, and there is a label on the back.  The dial bezel is painted black along with the interior, as shown in Lys book.  The movement is signed, running strongly, and the calendar is advancing.  The clock is 38 inches high and 13.5 inches wide; small enough to fit in many homes without overpowering the wall and room.  The clean lines allow it to go well with contemporary styles and furnishings.  These clocks occasionally have a business name stenciled on the lower glass, and the clock seems to have been designed with this commercial market in mind.  We sold one without a calendar in 2005 for $480.  $250-$480.

Interior             Signature

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521.                      $225


Sessions Regulator E time and calendar clock, ca. 1908.  Standard 38 oak case, refinished some time ago, with a shiny tin or nickeled 12 dial pan and an old Sessions paper dial.  The hands are old but are not typical Sessions hands, and are too long for the calendar clock face; the minute hand has been strengthened from behind, and the calendar hand repainted. The 8-day Sessions time and calendar movement has been cleaned and is running steadily.  Both glasses are old and wavy, the lower with an old gold stenciled pattern and lettering.  The pendulum is correct to Sessions clocks.  Replace the hands with Sessions hands if you can get them and youve got a classic regulator store clock.  $250-$400.


Wall clocks 513-601

601.                     $185    


Ingraham Dew Drop, ca. 1909.   This 24 calendar wall clock has an imitation rosewood finish that fooled me.  It must have a new paper dial and a new upper glass, but everything else looks original, including the old glass on the bottom.  The pendulum and hands are original and the signed 8-day time-and-calendar movement is clean and running. There is an illegible label on the backboard behind the pendulum.  Page 115 of Lys book on Ingraham clocks.  $200-$400.