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14.                         $1465


Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No.4”, ca 1880. This clock has a perpetual calendar mechanism, meaning it shows the correct date even during Leap Year. Seth Thomas made both the calendar and time movements and are said to be some of the finest movements Seth Thomas ever made. The walnut case is 32 inches high and is in an acceptable condition. I wish I had time to restore it further but clocks are piled high and time is limited. The only restoration it really needs is having the dials painted and new roller paper installed.  I do notice that the “hidden compartment” door on the back is missing, and another small piece of the backboard is missing, but neither of those things you even see. I do not think the finials are factory products but those are very often replaced. A good black label of instructions is on the inside as well as pendulum bob and wood stick. The 8 day movement should be cleaned and oiled. The large brass bell has been polished and the nickel dial rings are just fine. All four hands are correct, same with the door lock and Fashion glass. There is nothing bad about the clock except the dials and the walnut wood does not have a really good finish. Some polish and rubbing would go a long way toward making it a very nice clock. Ly-Seth Thomas, Page 119; Ly-Calendar, Page 286. $1500-$2000.


Prepaid shipping:  $100


64.                        $525


Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. “No.14 Granger”, ca 1884. Nice 25 inch high walnut case that retains a very nice original finish, clean and polished. As you might expect there are a couple of ages old breaks on the top piece, repaired nicely and now aged with the usual black and other things. The glass, door latch, dial, hands, pendulum, and other case parts are all very good and apparently original. Surprisingly the label on the backboard is near perfect. The clock movements run 8 days and strike a coil gong on hours and half hours. The dial seems to be too nice to be original. The Ithaca dials are most always paper and can be purchased from the company in Ithaca, NY. And most Ithaca clocks always have new dials. LY-Calendar #352A. $600-$800.


Movements    Label                  Prepaid shipping:  $75 


73.                         $2050


Southern Calendar Clock Co., Saint Louis, Missouri, “Fashion No.6”, ca 1880. The movements in the Fashion clocks were made by Seth Thomas and were reported to be some of the best movements Seth Thomas ever made. It is an 8 day movement, striking hours on a large Cathedral gong, and it has a long pendulum hanging behind the movement and extending to the case bottom. The nickel bob is retaining good damascene and the stick is original but has been repaired. It was a good repair and does not show. The nickel dial rings, painted black dials, and nickel hands, all look to be original.  I have several pictures pointing out the deficiencies to the case. The small wood ring above the top dial looks to be a replacement. The wood strip across the bottom dial board was put there for some reason I fail to understand. Note the label inside and the painted Fashion on the glass, are both original. The door is coming apart at the top right side near the hinge. A simple fix with glue or a nail. If not corrected soon the door may come apart. The case needs to be cleaned and polished. Notice the three finials are all bad. The left one is a replacement and the tip was broken off. The middle is original but has two big chips at the base. The right finial is original but the tip is missing. I am enclosing three new walnut finials that you will have to fit to the holes and stain them to match the case. We have been selling these finials for years and were the last ones made by the LaRose Company over 30 years ago. You know the value of this clock if it were restored. There is nothing major but will take some time. Ly-Calendar, page 288. $2500-$3000.


Left side           Interior              New finials      Prepaid shipping:  $100



87.                        $415


Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. “No. 8 Shelf Library”, ca 1880. Interesting how some clocks 135 years old are clean and have no smoke accumulation, and some are black as tar. This one could not have been in a coal burning or a smokers house. There is no black and it has not been cleaned or refinished. The walnut case is 26 inches tall and has a removable carved top. One leaf has been broken and glued back. You cannot see it from the front, and hardly from the back, otherwise the case is sound, original, and complete. It has nickel dial rings and pendulum bob. The paper dial are slightly different color. That is not a problem for all you have to do is call Ithaca and get new paper dials. All Ithaca dials have been changed at least one time, many several times. The movement runs 8 days and strikes hours on a coil gong. Ly-Calendar #338. $500-$750.


Movements     Prepaid shipping:  $75 



88.                        $365


Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Parlor Calendar No.5”, ca 1896. Walnut case is 20 inches high and 12.75 inches wide, complete and original. The finish is beginning to look pitted like it sat in the sun for several years. It has the original door latch which is on the left side between the two glasses. Dials, hands, and brass pendulum bob all appear to be correct for this model. The dials are yellowed, slightly soiled around the edges, and some repair? if you call it that, was attempted on the calendar movement, lower left corner. The 8 day movement is signed, running, and strikes hours on a brass bell. The calendar functions properly but as always I recommend you check out both movements. Inside is a paper label with instructions about the calendar movement, do not oil, etc. I notice this collector’s clocks have all been serviced but 15-20 years ago. He was a very elderly gentleman and I doubt he had wound the springs in years. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 106. $500-$750.


Prepaid shipping:  $75

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144.                      $1725


Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No.4”, ca 1880. Good walnut case is 32 inches high and all original with the exception of the finials. I cannot vouch for any being original but if the center finial had a good tip they would look as good as originals. The dial pans are original but should be repainted. If you restore the clock you should put on some new calendar roller papers. The Fashion glass is good, labels are all good, brass bell, calendar and time movements are also original and in operating condition. The inside is dirty where the paint has flaked from the dials and now in the bottom of the case. The pendulum is not correct; it looks close to being correct, but is a cheap replacement. Repainted dials, pendulum, and one finial tip will make a huge difference in this clock. Ly-Calendar clocks, page 286. $1750-$2000.


Movements      Prepaid shipping:  $100