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33.                        $115


French wall clock, ca 1915. Dial signed, “Vedette / Made In France-Production Francaise”.  The oak case is 21 inches tall, has some scraping on the sides, now polished over, and some places not polished over. Original glasses, silver dial is 9 inches, silver pendulum and wood stick, original hands, side door catch, and numerous labels and tags inside the case, names and instructions all in French. The 8 day movement is running and plays Westminster Chimes with 8 hammers striking 8 rods. It can be silenced and who knows what else for I cannot read French.  $150-$300.


Prepaid shipping:  $75


43.                        $425


French Empire ebonized wood portico style clock, ca 1880. The impressive case is in very good condition with four columns, brass capitals and bases, and vertical string inlay all around. The heavy case brass bezel and pendulum are very impressive, as is the porcelain dial with faint hairlines and minor repairs. The case has other inlays at the top and the base and in the floor of the case below the pendulum. The round 8 day movement is running and striking hours and half hours on a brass bell. It is signed by the well-known French clockmaker Japy Freres. On close inspection you will find some edge scrapes and corner nicks common to clocks this old.  Easily touched up if you get an urge to do so. $500-$750.


Back             Prepaid shipping:  $40


49.                        $115


French mantle clock, metal case, ca 1890. The round 8 day movement is signed, “E.B.”, is running and striking half hours and hours on a small nickel bell attached to the movement. The back movement opening is covered with a hinged sash and a beveled glass. Inside is the correct pendulum and a key. The solid brass case is 13.5 inches high, complete with all original parts, and in very nice clean condition. The front sash is holding a bowed beveled glass. The one piece porcelain dial is slightly bowed, has great French hands, and two dial rings, one is Roman numerals 1 thru 12, the other is Arabic 1 thru 60. If you said, find one thing wrong with the clock, I would have to say the nut holding the nickel bell is not original. $200-$400.


Prepaid shipping:  $40



53.                        $225


French figure clock, ca 1885. The round 8 day movement is signed, “Movement No.7 / H.B. / Fini Paris”. It is running, strikes a nickel bell on hours and half hours, and has the correct pendulum, and a key. The case is 16 inches wide and 12 inches high. Base is marble, resting on cast brass feet. The part the tin can clock is resting on, the arrangement on top of the clock, and the cherub folks are all painted metal. The tin can holding the movement is brass. It has a hinged brass back door. The sash, beveled glass, French hands, and very nice porcelain dial, are all good clean original stock. Inside in addition to the pendulum and key are the round French movement and nickel bell. The movement is operating properly and striking hours and half hours on the bell. You must admit it is different. $300-$500.


Prepaid shipping:  $75

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60.                        $225


“Vincenti & Cie”, marble cased clock, ca 1885. What a lovely French clock. Nice contrasting black and brown mottled marble. I was so pleased to find a great clock in the collection I am working on. When I put my hands on it to turn it around I discovered some chips on the front top of the case. Of course being black it did not show. I had to reduce the minimum from what I thought was a near perfect clock. The 8 day round French movement is signed, running, and striking half hours on a nickel bell. The serial number on the pendulum is the same as on the movement. Surprise, you rarely see that. The case is about 16 inches wide and 8 inches high. There is a beveled glass in the sash. The dial is absolutely wonderful, the marble matching the marble of the case and the brass numerals are raised. $250-$400.


Prepaid shipping:  $75

71.                          $525


French figure clock, marble and bronze, ca 1880. It weighs a ton, well, only 55 pounds. It is 20.5 inches wide and 17 inches high, base is black marble with feet underneath. One small piece of marble missing on the back bottom edge otherwise it is nice. The figures are bronze with a dark finish and they are complete with all their fingers, toes, and hand held items. The back cover is flat glass in a sash and is hinged. Inside is a typical French 8 day movement, signed, “L.Marti & Cie”. It has a correct pendulum, is running and striking a nickel bell on the hours and half hours. On the front is a French sash, flat glass, one piece porcelain dial, and a pair of French hands. This is one of the better pieces of this type we have had in a while. $750-$1000.


Prepaid shipping:  $100

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