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2.                           $500


Herschede Hall Clock Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, ca prior to 1960, not sure of exact date it was manufactured. The Herschede Model 436 is only 70 inches tall, a rather plain case made with a lighter mahogany than usual, but inside it has all the outstanding accessories for which Herschede was noted. The case has glass sides and two pieces of glass in the door. It has a key lock with key and full fluted columns on the sides. It is the same as the larger dials in that it is signed, “Herschede” and has their trademark crown symbol, and a “Chime-Silent” lever. The large brass pendulum bob and nickel rod is the same you find in the bigger models, as are the pulleys and large weights. You notice I did not hang the weights or the five nickel tubular chimes. It was not part of my schooling and besides the large weight is about 45 pounds, no thanks. The movement is signed “Herschede” and like all their movements it is well made of the best materials. The dial, although smaller than most we see is in my opinion the finest dial Herschede made. The beautiful dial is made of heavy brass with raised, delicately hand pierced and hand engraved center ornaments and corners, and are richly gold plated. The numeral circle, hemispheres, moon arch, and shifting circles are raised and have rich black enamel ornamentations and are hand silvered. The numerals are raised, bevel edged and gold plated. It has the moving moon and blue steel hands. $750-$1500.


Chime rods      Prepaid shipping: not available



3.                           $500


German tall clock with an 8 day Lenzkirch movement, ca 1900. The German round top case is 76 inches tall with applied carvings around the top and on the base, and ripple around the trunk door and more between the two doors. Both doors latch on the side. The trunk door has a beveled glass and the top door has a bowed glass. The silver dial has recessed numerals with black paint, original hands, chains, brass weights, and brass pendulum. The serial number on the Lenzkirch movement is “979066”, which dates the movement to around 1900. We believe the movement is original to the case. The chime base is signed several times by a German maker, the clock strikes half hours and hours, eight strike hammers on eight iron rods. $500-$750.


Movement      Prepaid shipping: not available

10.                         $500


German tall clock, ca around 1900. The walnut case is 77 inches tall and 24.5 inches wide at the base. There is ripple molding all around the full length of the door and also around the base. Applied carvings adorn the door and base. There is a bowed glass over the dial and beveled glass in the trunk of the door which seems to be typical of German tall clocks of that period. Door latches on the side. It has a very nice brass dial with etched or cast designs, 24 hour time marks on the outer edge and large 12 hour numerals in the main time ring. The numerals are recessed and black filled. The 8 day brass movement is signed only, “MFL”, has five hammers striking 5 iron rods, and is clean and functioning. The pendulum bob and chains are brass so are the very large brass weights. An emblem or dealer sticker on the dial says simply, “Tensen”. A nice German floor clock. $500-$750.


Movement        Prepaid shipping: not available


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11.                          $250


Ridgeway floor clock, made in Germany, ca 1970’s. The 8 day movement is signed, “Gravely Furn. Co. / Made In Germany”. It strikes Westminster chimes, has a “Strike-Silent” lever, and is running. The case is made of light walnut, very plain, no frills of any kind except the finial. The two doors catch with a magnet and the back over the movement is removable.  The pendulum and pendulum rod are both brass. The dial is very attractive with cast brass spandrels on the corners, silver dial ring, and silver globe above the dial.  $300-$500.


Prepaid shipping: not available


80.                        $750


“The Herschede Hall Clock Co. / Cincinnati, Ohio, hall clock, ca 1927. It is their, “Petite Pendulum Model #10. The Honduras mahogany case is 72 inches tall and still has the original finish, just a little smoke darkened, and appears that it has never been cleaned. A woman in Florida bought the clock in 1927 and it remained in the same home until it was brought to us to sell. The bonnet/top, slides off to access the dial and movement. It has a hinged door, columns on the sides, and a large finial on top. The 8 day movement plays Westminster and Canterbury chimes with six hammers striking six rods. There is a silent/strike opening on the dial, and a complete label on the back of the large door. The etched dial has some tarnish on the arch top. I was not able to take a good picture of the dial, but take my word, it is very nice. $750-$1000.


Prepaid shipping:  Not available


127.                       $390


German Grandmothers clock featuring a Westminster chime movement in a 66 inch high walnut case, ca around 1900. The movement is signed, “Made In Germany”, which usually meant it was made for export to England. The case has the original finish and all the original parts including the front and back hinged doors, the glass, dial, hands, movement, and 4 rod gong. There are levers on the gong to silence it. The case is dirty and I see no evidence anyone has tried to clean it. With just a little cleaning it would make a very nice clock. The silver dial has etched designs all over, not worn, just a little dirty. There are subsidiary dials for, “Slow-Fast” and “Chime-Silent”. This German clock is a cut above the similar English Grandmother clocks. It is more like a grandfather clock. $400-$600.


Movement       Prepaid shipping:  Not available