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349.      $300

French black marble clock, trimmed around the bottom with maroon marble stripes. It is 15.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches high. It would be only 9 inches high if not for the bronze ornament. The black marble dial also has the maroon marble in the center. The etched numerals are gold filled and the hands are also gold. The sash is holding a heavy beveled glass. All the parts around the dial are bright and clean. You may find a tiny corner or edge nick if you look closely. The dial is signed, “J. Tuytelery / Anv---“. The 8 day round French movement is signed, “Blout & Drouard / Paris”. It is running and striking a nickel bell on the half hours. There is a hinged and perforated brass back door. This is a very heavy and a very nice clock. $300-$450.

Prepaid shipping: $50


354.      $90

Mystery ball swing, a miniature copy of the Ansonia Diana swing arm clock. It is only 13 inches tall with the swing arm in place. The brass statue is mounted on a wood base. The swing arm has blue balls with brass numerals, hands, and other ornaments. It is an exact copy of the full size mystery ball swing clocks. The one day movements are in the top ball and I have had no trouble keeping mine running. $100-$150.

 Prepaid shipping:  $50



399.       $1

Miniature Junghans alarm clock. Silver case has wear, great dial, hands, sash, and glass. The back cover lifts down to access the wind and set buttons. Not running. With handle up the clock is only 3 inches tall.

Prepaid shipping:  $15



636.      $750

French wall clock with barometer, ca. 1890’s.  The 34-inch black-lacquered wood case is decorated with silver-painted cast-iron decorations and trim.  The glasses are old and certainly original.  The dial is porcelain and flawless.  The lower glass swings upward to access the nickeled R=A pendulum, and the backboard swings open to access the Japy & Cie 8-day time-and-strike movement that strikes a wire gong on the backboard on the hour and half-hour. It is running and keeping good time, but the hammer is not contacting the gong on the strike, so a bit of adjustment is needed there. The barometer at the bottom does not appear to be working (do they ever?).  There are no sales for this model in the Antique Clocks Price Guide, but Cotswold Clocks sold a gold-trimmed one on eBay last year for over $1200.   $750-$1200.

Interior     Prepaid shipping:  $100


658.      $150

J. J. Wainwright & Co. clock and barometer, ca. 1880.  This gilded cast iron clock, mercury thermometer, and barometer was made in Birmingham, England in the late 1800’s.  It is 25.5 inches high with a 5-inch porcelain dial behind the original beveled glass.  The dial is unsigned and has a hairline at 2 o’clock.  The hands are original.  The mercury thermometer in the middle is original and accurate.  The barometer dial is paper, signed, with slight fading.  I do not think it is working.  The finish is in good condition, with evidence that the leaves, acorns, and flower were colored at one time.  Most of that is gone and I do not know if it was original.  There are several examples of this clock on the internet, and none show coloring.  Interesting, they all show this clock “inverted”, with the barometer on top. It should be easy enough to flip the clock, thermometer, and barometer if you prefer that orientation.  The unsigned movement is running and keeping time, striking on the half-hour and counting the hours.  However, it only runs for a few days, and can only be wound a few turns before it slips off the winding catch.  Limited sales records suggest this clock should sell between $100 and $350.

Back       Prepaid shipping: $75


639.      $230

French Baker’s Clock.  These clocks were made from the late 1800’s until ?  This one has no label and the cast iron, steel, and brass movement is unsigned.  The only notation is a small ‘47’ imprinted on one of the supports.  It is running, 8 days or more, and striking the hour and half-hour on a wire gong behind the movement. The French Morbier-style movement needs to be cleaned and the hands bind and stop the clock if the pin is too tight, while the wire gong needs adjustment to give a clearer sound.  All the MOP and inlay pieces are in place in a wavy, ebonized, 19-inch square pine case; the glass is new.  The porcelain dial has one well-done touch-up to a 1.5-inch line of chips between the V and VI; if you look closely at the picture you can find it, but it is not at all apparent from any distance.  This clock looks good and will run reliably, but could benefit from some attention to the movement.  $200-$400.

Movement      Prepaid shipping: $75