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63.         $1100

“Welch, Spring & Co. Regulator No.2”, ca 1889. Another large clock made by Richard Broline. It is almost identical to #62 except this case is 56 inches tall and does not have a calendar. The case is mahogany veneer, beginning to pull away in places on the bezel, and in one place caught on the door when it was opened and pulled some veneer almost off. I give it to him, he was good at his craft. The painted dial is 20 inches with a large seconds bit and correct hands. Most Welch Regulator No.2’s were 53 inches tall with 18 inch dials. This one is an oddity and very rare. I cannot find a sale anywhere of this model. There is a beat scale inside for “Welch Clock Co.”. I hung the weights and the movement is performing as it should. The bottom door has a lock with key.  Ly-Welch, page 241. $1100-$1500.

Prepaid shipping:  $50


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65.         $3000

“Welch, Spring & Co. Regulator No.4”, ca 1874. This rare clock in a black walnut case is 41 inches tall, complete and all original with exception of a repainted dial. It was touted to us as being a Regulator No.5, because the No. 5 is more rare and according to Tran Duy Ly’s new book, “Welch Clocks / Second Edition”, is valued at $7500 where the No. 4 is valued at $5000. They are so near alike most buyers would not notice the difference. The 30 day nickel plated movement is signed, “E. N. Welch / Forestville, Conn. / U.S.A.”, and has the patent date stamped. According to Ly’s Welch book this 30 day double spring driven movement was also used in some of the No.5 Regulators. Both glasses are held by the original black putty, the original door lock on the bottom door and latch on the upper door, are in place, the original pendulum is polished and you can see dents in the brass. Below the pendulum is a Welch beat scale. On each side of the case are two glasses. The moldings holding the glasses are covered with gold gilt. Ly-Welch, page 344. $3000-$4000.

 Open      Movement        Prepaid shipping: Not available

64.         $600

Ansonia Brass & Copper Co, “Drop Extra Calendar”, ca 1883. Here is another fine clock made by Richard Broline many years ago and part of his family collection. We purchased this clock and several others at his estate sale. Everything was made exactly like an original Drop Extra Calendar. Note the two painted dials painted by The Dial House, the correct hands, and correct lower glass. The 8 day movement is an original and signed by Ansonia as is the gong base that is also old and original. I have never seen one of Richard’s clocks that had any movement in it that was not an original. The movement is running and striking the hours correctly. If the case needs anything it may need some polish to brighten it up a tad. All the finials and other case work was expertly done. Ly-Calendar, pages 20-21. $600-$750.

 Dial         Movement         Prepaid shipping: $50



88.         $1450

Gazo Family Clock Factory, San Diego, California, ca 1970’s. The very large wall clock is 58 inches high and made sometime between 1972 and 1989, when the company went out of business. They made 53 different models of wall, shelf, and floor clocks. We believe this clock is made of alder wood, and was hand carved and assembled in Mexico, then finished at their factory in San Diego. The carvings are detailed as seen on the top piece, on the columns beside the dial, the columns down below, on the tail piece, and on the backboard behind the pendulum. The case has a nice door latch, wall levelers, and four glasses. There is a bowed glass over the dial. The pendulum is cast brass as is the dial, both with detailed etched designs all over. The dial has porcelain cartouche numerals and behind it is the 8 day German movement signed with the Gazo logo. The chiming movement plays St. Michaels on the quarters and hours. Their clocks are all large and heavy, and made with attention to detail in all respects. $1500-$2000.

Prepaid shipping: Not available

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97.          $600

Waterbury Clock Co. “Willard No. 5” weight driven banjo clock, ca 1927. This clock needs restoration. I admit it looks good in the picture but inside behind the doors and glasses it needs some cleaning, tightening, etc. I first thought both painted glasses had been repainted, but after comparing the scenes to those pictured in Ly-Waterbury I am not sure. They may be repaints like the originals. The 8 day time only movement needs to be cleaned and checked for running. We did not check, we just know it is complete. The banjo weight is probably not original and has had additional lead added to one side. The wood weight baffle is very rough. See the side picture. There is black paper on one side. If it is a label it is so black I cannot read it. The pendulum bob and winding crank are new. If in better condition would be worth two or three times the minimum. As it is right now, more like our minimum or a little more. Ly-Waterbury, pages 645-646. $600-$750.

Interior     Weight      Prepaid shipping: Not available

96.         $1350

Gazo Family Clock Factory, one of their many wall models, “La Mesa:, ca 1976. The fine wall clock was made by the Gazo family of California in the 1974-1989 time period. They made over 10,000 clocks during those years, 53 models of wall and floor clocks. This large case is 60 inches high and 18 inches wide and made with Alder wood. It is an open well balcony style, hand carved, and in excellent condition. The carving all over the case is detailed and the reason why the Gazo clocks became so popular. It has a cast brass grid pendulum and bob, porcelain cartouche numerals, and an 8 day German movement signed with the Gazo logo. The chiming movement plays Westminster, Whittington, and St.Michaels chimes. The Gazo family did not cut any corners or make anything out of cheap metal or soft woods. Their clocks were pricey but you got excellent quality products, well made with great attention to detail, and they were all large and heavy clocks. $1500-$2000.

Movement      Prepaid shipping:  Not available