American Classic Clocks 7-21
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7.         $550

Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn, “No. 502”, ca 1900. Another Ansonia clock we have no name for – yet. But we will, it is only a matter of time because we look at thousands of clocks. We have found names for many Royal Bonn clocks that Tran Duy Ly did not name. The factory did not always put the names on every clock. This is an extremely attractive clock, knob on top, finials and things protruding from the case. It is primarily pink and white, painted flowers of many colors, all soft and appealing, and the usual gold splashes. One thing you notice that is unusual is the loop of flowers all around the bezel. The case is 13.5” high, in near perfect condition, and has all the accessories required. We have sold one of this model in a past auction. It is a very rare model. It has been in our bedroom for many years but we are trying to downsize a few clocks this year, and many more next year. Ly-Ansonia #2672. $650-$850.


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10.        $1000

Ansonia Clock Co. “Crystal Regulator No.2, ca 1914. One more in a series of 8 that Ansonia made. They are all identical except for style of the porcelain top and base, decorations, and colors. The reason this clock has a higher minimum than #8 and #9, because of the brighter color. For whatever reason pinks and reds always cost more than the whites and creams. The case is 17.5 inches high, 9.25 inches wide. It is all original, everything signed that should be including the winding key. This case has not been cleaned and polished. If you are trying to acquire all 8 models you will want to clean and polish. Ly-Ansonia, page 135. $1000-$1250.


9.         $850

Ansonia Clock Co. “Crystal Regulator No. 1”, ca 1914. Perfect Royal Bonn top and base, decorated in rich colors, and polished brass with rich gold ornaments. The case is 17.5” high, 9” wide. Beveled plate glass front, sides, and back, all perfect. Two piece porcelain dial is signed, correct hands, and visible escapement. Imitation mercury pendulum and a signed Ansonia key. This clock and the seven others are polished bright, everything about them is clean and perfect. This was the first model in their series of 8 different Crystal Regulators with Royal Bonn tops and bases. Ly-Ansonia, pages 134. $900-$1200.



8.         $850

Ansonia Clock Co. Crystal Regulator No.3”, ca 1914. The beautiful teal green case is 18” high, complete, and all original. There are no breaks, chips, or repairs. It is pretty near as found in that the brass holding the four beveled glasses, has not been polished. The sash and mat are polished but they are behind the glasses and not exposed to the elements like the other metal. Same with the movement, pendulum, and standing gong, all clean and look very nice. This number 3 model is one of 8 rare crystal regulators Ansonia made with porcelain tops and bases. We sold an entire set of the 8 in our July 2009 Auction. The movement is running, strikes half hours on a Cathedral gong, and is running vigorously. The imitation mercury pendulum and other internal parts are original and correct for this clock. The two piece porcelain dial is signed, has a faint hairline at 4:30, has correct hands and nice open escape mechanism. All four beveled glasses are perfect. Ly-Ansonia, page 135. $900-$1200.



20.       $1200

Ansonia Clock Co. “Crystal Regulator No. 6”, ca 1914. This case has been cleaned, polished, and serviced, and is in like new condition. It stands 17.5 inches high and is 9 inches wide. The description on this clock and the next one will be brief because they are identical except for some case differences. The dials, hands, open escapements, pendulums, gongs, and four beveled glasses, are all alike and near perfect. Of course they are running and striking as they were intended to do. Ly-Ansonia, page 136. $1200-$1500.


21.        $1200

Ansonia Clock Co. “Crystal Regulator No. 4”, ca 1906. This case is 17.75 inches high and 9.5 inches wide. These two clocks are actually much nicer than my pictures show. I have difficulty photographing clocks that are shining or have a lot of glass. Unlike many auctions I do not use any computer programs to doctor my pictures. I may lighten or darken them if my pictures require it. These two near perfect Crystal Regulators would not ever be for sale if I did not have to unload my collection. Ly-Ansonia, page 136. $1200-$1500.