American Classic Clocks 42-47
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42.       $500

Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, “Symbol Extra”, ca 1894. This was the last of four models of the Symbol, each were significantly different. This solid metal case with a gilt finish, is 15.5” high, polished, beveled plate glass front and sides, a French sash and a signed two piece porcelain dial. It has original hands and a visible escapement mechanism. There are two tiny sliver chips on the two side glasses. The bevel on the three glasses is one half inch, twice what is normal on other crystal regulators. The back of this clock is metal, where most crystal regulators are beveled glass on the back. Strangely, the standing coil gong is in front of the fancy pendulum bob, so you cannot even see the bob. It has a ladies bust on the bob. The dial surround is also very elaborate and was not seen on more than a couple of Ansonia clocks such as the Monarch and Broadway, both wood cased clocks. The movement is 8 day, signed, running, and striking the standing gong on half hours and hours. Ly-Ansonia #279. $500-$750.



43.       $500

Waterbury Clock Co, Waterbury, Conn. crystal regulator, “Sevres”, ca 1908. The 14.5 inch gold plated case has normal fading of the gold for its age. It is all original and has not been polished or cleaned, perhaps since it was new, although it came with a collection of very fine clocks, where everything displayed in the house was immaculate. All four beveled glasses are original and have no chips or breaks. The two barrel pendulum vials hold live mercury. The 8 day movement is signed, running, and striking half hours and hours on a hanging gong. The two piece porcelain dial is very nice, and I see only one faint hairline at seven. It would go away if cleaned. The hands and open escapement are original and functioning properly. I checked my past inventory of crystal regulators and discovered I had never sold one of this model so it must be rare. Ly-Waterbury #449. Mr. Ly listed the value of this clock at $900. $500-$750.

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44.       $400

Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn cased, “La Manche”, ca 1904. This case is primarily covered with off white/cream colored shades and the usual flowers and gold highlighting on the front and sides. I would call the case perfect but it is 112 years old. Two piece porcelain dial is signed two places, has no hairlines or other problems, has the correct hands, open escapement mechanism, beveled glass and French sash. On the back is the German Royal Bonn logo. The brass back is correct as are the pendulum, Cathedral gong, and the 8 day movement. It is running and striking half hours on a standing gong. We don’t get Ansonia Royal Bonn clocks any nicer than this. Ly-Ansonia, page 615. $400-$600.



45.       $450

Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn case, “La Bretagne”, ca 1895. A very popular model with decorators. Over the years we have sold perhaps a dozen, all selling in the $800-$1250 range depending on the colors used. This case has a nice blend of off-white with lavender, rose, and pink flowers on the front and sides, and a light sprinkling of gold highlights around the edges. It has a very nice signed two piece porcelain dial that is perfect, has original hands and open escapement mechanism. This case is one of the large models, standing 15” high, and is 12.5” wide. Movement, pendulum, etc. are all correct. Ly-Ansonia devoted an entire page to this rare model, page 616. $500-$750.



46.       $400

Ansonia Clock Company, Royal Bonn clock, “No.500”, ca 1904. All of the Ansonia Royal Bonn clocks had model names. On some models the name did not get fired into the clay and in modern times we just assumed the clocks were not named. When Tran Duy Ly wrote the Ansonia clock book he gave those nameless clocks a number, just so we could have something to call them. Over the years I have sold hundreds of the Royal Bonn clocks and discovered a correct name for several that were previously just numbered. This case has the red Royal Bonn logo, metal back door, correct pendulum and a key, 8 day signed movement, and a gong for the strike. The case is12.75 inches tall and 12 inches wide, primarily a cream color with colorful painted flowers and gold tint over the case. It has the correct sash with beveled glass, two piece porcelain dial, hands, and open escapement mechanism. Ly-Ansonia #2659. $400-$600.


47.       $450

Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn, “No.503”, ca 1900. This clock does not have a name, but will sometime soon. Over the years unnamed clocks acquire a name because a case will turn up somewhere that has a name on the back of the case. I have discovered some new names no longer than I have been holding auctions and looking at thousands of clocks. For whatever reason the last No.503 we sold was in June 2004, and it brought almost $1800. Someone knows something, wouldn’t you say? This case is 14” high, and 11” wide. Primarily white with some beautiful painted flowers all over and a smidgen of gold to highlight. Like all the others, near perfect. Ly-Ansonia, page 630. $500-$750.