American Classic Clocks 48-61
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48.       $450

Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn cased, “La Manche”, ca 1904. This case is primarily covered with off baby blue and cream colored shades, and the usual flowers and gold highlighting on the front and sides. I would call the case perfect but it is 112 years old. Two piece porcelain dial is signed, has no hairlines or other problems, has the correct hands, open escapement mechanism, beveled glass and French sash. On the back is the German Royal Bonn logo. The brass back is correct as are the pendulum, Cathedral gong, and the 8 day movement. It is running and striking half hours on a standing gong. We don’t get Ansonia Royal Bonn clocks any nicer than this. Ly-Ansonia, page 615. $500-$750.



49.       $500

Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator with onyx top and base, “Consort”, ca 1914. The inner part of the case is like all crystal regulators, four beveled glasses, doors front and back. Inside is also the same, two piece signed porcelain dial, original hands and open escapement mechanism. The 8 day movement is signed, running, and striking half hours and hours on a standing gong. The imitation mercury pendulum is correct and perfect. The four beveled glasses are near perfect, has no chips or breaks. The case is 16 inches tall, has the metal urn on top and metal ornaments on the four corners of the glass box, all metal intact and very nice. There has been some minor repairs to the onyx base on the right side. This is only the fourth Consort I have offered for sale in over forty years. Ly-Ansonia #388. $500-$750.


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50.       $1200

Ansonia Clock Co. “Crystal Regulator No. 6”, ca 1914. We acquired this clock several years ago and sold it for $2200 in one of our auctions. The collector who bought the clock is now downsizing as we all will have to do eventually. I am trying, but it is tough to turn loose of a lifetime collection of nice clocks. As you may know Ansonia made a series of 8 models, all similar yet with slightly different porcelain tops and bases. We have sold an entire set and a set of 1 thru 6. 7 and 8 are very rare, and very expensive. Other than the porcelain parts the clock is like all crystal regulators, four beveled glasses, metal ornaments on the four corners, two piece porcelain dial, open escapement, 8 day movement that strikes hours and half hours on a standing gong. Ly-Ansonia, page 136.  $1250-$1500.



60.       $400

Seth Thomas Clock Co. crystal regulator, “Empire No.14, ca 1904. Metal case is finished in Syrian or Japanese Bronze, both in the dark copper, family of finishes. It stands 16 inches tall, is complete and original, including the dog and deer on top. There are four beveled glasses, all nice, two hinged doors with knobs, original imitation mercury pendulum and a key. The movement runs 8 day, is signed and running, and striking half hours and hours on a Cathedral gong. The porcelain dial is 4 inches with a garland of flowers inside the numerals, minute ring painted outside the chapter rings, and has the correct hands. The dial is signed, “Bunde & Upmeyer Co. Milwaukee”. Ly-Seth Thomas #736. Recently selling for $1000. $500-$750.



61.        $400

Jennings Brothers Mfg. Co. Bridgeport, Conn. crystal regulator, ca 1890’s. They were a brass and metal manufacturing company that supplied metal cases for clock movements. The dial is signed with their trademark, “JBCO” intertwined. The case is large, standing near 18 inches, and like all crystal regulators it has the glass box in center with four beveled glasses and two doors. The top and base are case metal with flower designs. It has a nice two piece porcelain dial, original hands, and an open escapement. The movement is 8 day and strikes on a gong. The imitation mercury pendulum is perfect and the movement is running. If it was signed Ansonia you would probably pay twice as much for it. $500-$750.


59.       $500

Seth Thomas & Sons rare crystal regulator, ca 1885. We have sold several of their special crystal regulators with figures or objects featured on top of the case. They have all been original, as is this dog figure. The metal case is 17” high, has a good original gilt finish. If it has been regilted, it was a long time ago. All the case parts are original including the four beveled glasses, and you may find a tiny corner chips as is customary in the crystal regulators. If I want to get picky I could say that one door knob is not correct. The porcelain dial is one piece with minute marks outside the numerals, and it has the correct hands. There is a faint hairline on the dial. The movement is 8 day, clean, signed, running and striking on a coil gong, and it has the correct imitation mercury pendulum and a key. $600-$800.


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