American Classic Clocks 73-251
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73.       $1050

 Ansonia Clock Co. extremely rare metal shelf model, “Georgia”, ca 1892. We have only seen and sold four of this model. I have searched other auction catalogs from around the country and cannot find where anyone else has ever sold one. The top of the clock and the base are black enameled iron. The center section and the ends, have cast metal statues, columns, and other ornaments. The statues and ornaments are finished in a bronze color. The case is 16 inches wide, 13 inches tall, and very heavy. The two piece dial is nice, hands are original and it has a working open escapement. Inside are a standing gong, correct pendulum, and the 8 day signed movement. Ly-Ansonia #1482 says this clock is “Rare”. I already told you that. We sold one in 2005 for near $5000, in 2008 for 3700, in 2010 for 2500, and in 2015 for $2500. $2500-$3500.



200.     $550

 Ansonia Clock Co. “Mirror Swing”. This is a reproduction of Ansonia’s original silver plated mirror swing they made in the 1880’s. This one is made of wood and is 20 inches high. With the swing arm in place it is 22.5 inches high, which is the same size as the original Ansonia mirror clock. The decorations around the mirror are hand carved leaves and birds, also like the originals. The wood has a gloss finish. The swing arm is identical to the originals except the movement is not signed and the swing arm has a round top and bottom and not flat like the originals. It is running properly. Ly-Ansonia #3008. $600-$900.


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213.      $100

Ansonia Clock Co. Royal Bonn case, “La Hay”, ca 1901. It may be the smallest Royal Bonn case I have ever sold, standing 10.5 inches high and about 9 inches wide. Case is off white or cream color with baby blue trim and painted flowers on the front and sides. An attractively styles case and probably suited for display in smaller quarters, i.e. bookcase, etc. It is clean, and has no visible problems. The glass is flat, dial and hands are original. The 8 day movement is signed, running and striking a Cathedral gong on half hours. The pendulum and brass cover over the back, are correct.  The case is signed with the red Royal Bonn trademark and name, “La Hay”. Ly-Ansonia #2590. $100-$200.


212.      $100

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. porcelain clock, “No.244”, ca 1900. Popular cobalt blue case with gold highlights and flowers front and sides. The porcelain has a repaired break at the top right, about the 2 o’clock area. Repair was made fairly well and is obvious when you know where to look. Dial is dark, hands are correct, plain flat glass ion the sash. No cover over the back opening. The 8 day movement is not signed, pendulum is correct. It is running and striking half hours on a gong. Ly-Gilbert #1544. $100-$200.



211.       $100

Ansonia Clock Co. porcelain clock, “Whim”, ca 1904. The company had about 60 models that were listed as “Porcelain”, and a great many more that were “Royal Bonn”. Of the 60 porcelain all had names beginning with R, S, T, & W. Just thought I would throw that in the write-up. It doesn’t make sense to me. Good rose red case color with a smattering of gold and the usual flowers on the front and sides. The case is 11 inches high and almost 12 inches wide. Flat beveled glass, one piece porcelain dial, correct hands, metal back cover, incorrect pendulum, and a signed 8 day movement that is running and striking half hours on a Cathedral gong. Ly-Ansonia #2519. $150-$300.



251.      $150

Waterbury Clock Co. crystal regulator, “Morlaix”, ca 1912. The polished brass case stands 9.5 inches high, has two doors with original latches, and four nice beveled glasses. I see one very minor corner imperfection, would not even call it a chip. The two piece porcelain dial is signed, hands are original, and it has a functioning open escapement. The 8 day movement is signed, running, and striking half hours on a gong. Inside is a correct imitation mercury pendulum and correct winding key. Nice little clock. Ly-Waterbury #431. $200-$350.