American Classic Clocks 252-503
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252.     $200

Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, “Prism”, ca 1914. This very plain case is outfitted with the rare and special jeweled sash and jeweled pendulum. Normally you only see the jewels on their very expensive crystal regulators. This clock is near 11 inches tall, polished brass case with four beveled glasses and two hinged doors. There are no corner chips on the glasses and all the jewels are present in the sash and pendulum. That is very unusual. The two piece porcelain dial is signed and I see a hairline on the inner dial. The hands and open escapement are original. The 8 day movement is signed, running, and striking half hours on the standing Cathedral gong. Ly-Ansonia #369. $300-$500.



256.     $100

Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, “Cetus”, ca 1914. Polished brass case is 11 inches tall, almost 7 inches wide, and has a 4 inch dial span. A miracle, all four beveled glasses are good, no corner nicks. It has two doors, both with correct knobs. Inside is the signed 8 day movement that is running and striking half hours on the Cathedral gong. The imitation mercury pendulum is correct as is the signed two piece porcelain dial, hands, and open escapement. Nice little clock that doesn’t break the bank. Ly-Ansonia #370. $150-$300.


255.     $200

Ansonia Clock Co. crystal regulator, “Elysian”, ca 1914. Good refinish coat on the metal case. The case is 16.5” high, complete and original inside and out. There are no breaks or chips on the four beveled glasses but if you look closely you may see one tiny corner nick. Good winding key, correct door knobs, correct two jar imitation mercury pendulum, hanging Cathedral gong, and original hands. The two piece porcelain dial is signed, I see one minute hairline at the 1. The 8 day movement is signed, running, has outside count, and strikes half hours and hours on the hanging gong. Ly-Ansonia #360. $300-$500.


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405.     $150

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. crystal regulator, “Thalia”, ca 1906. The 11.5 inch case is gold plated as are the heavy decoration top and bottom, all now slightly worn and in need of cleaning and polish. It has beveled plate glass panels on 4 sides, and all perfect except for a small crack on one corner of the back door panel. The back door is a replacement. It has an 8 day signed movement, running and striking hours on a Cathedral gong and half hours on a separate cup bell. The two piece porcelain dial is signed and hands are correct. A decent clock for this minimum. Ly-Gilbert #298. $200-$350.



422.     $100

Waterbury Clock Co. metal case mantel clock, “Nantes”, ca 1915. Was originally a rich gold plated finish on the 15.5 inch high metal case, now tarnished or maybe just smoky dirty. Good painted panel showing three cherubs practicing their singing. Large beveled glass in the brass sash, two piece porcelain dial with dirty hairlines. If cleaned you would not see the hairlines. Hands are correct. Signed 8 day movement striking half hours on a gong. Ly-Waterbury #1246. $200-$350.



503.     $425

Ansonia “La Rita”, ca. 1895.  A Royal Bonn porcelain clock in Rich Green with pink and yellow roses on the front.  The signed porcelain dial has a couple of hairlines between the 5 and 6, Ansonia hands, and a beveled glass in rococo sash.  There is a slight interior chip to the glass at the 11 position.  The signed Ansonia 8-day movement with an open escapement is running and striking on the hour and half-hour.  The case is 11.5 inches high by 14 inches wide and has no chips or evident repairs.  There is some faint crazing to the front painting.  $475-$600.

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