American Classic Clocks 505-534
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505.     $325

Ansonia “Crown” crystal regulator, 1914.  A fancy gold bezel and a clean porcelain dial with Roman numerals and no hairlines.  The wear to the finish is noticeable but not excessive, the 2-jar pendulum is original, and there is a fancy standing cathedral gong.  Four beveled glasses with no chips or scratches.  Running and striking on the hour and half-hour, as required.   $450-$550. 




517.      $1000

Ansonia “Archduke”, ca. 1906.  A crystal regulator with a white onyx top, columns, and base, 15.75 inches tall and 12.75 inches wide.  There is a crack in a top left side piece and some repairs to the two left columns, but the repairs aren’t obvious.  There is a flawless signed Ansonia dial with a visible escapement, a half-hour-strike signed movement, imitation mercury pendulum jars, and a fancy wire gong stand.  The brass case and gilt ornaments could stand a bit of cleaning/polishing.  The clock is running, striking, and keeping accurate time.  This model retailed for $78 in 1906, the equivalent of $2,052 in today’s money.  That’s a lot of money to get the time, and not a lot of these clocks were made. There is only one sale listed in the Antique Clocks Price Guide, $1500 in 2011 at Harris.  $1200-$2000.

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518.      $395

Ansonia “La France”, 1914.  A 13-inch dark pink-to-mauve porcelain clock with an unusual asymmetrical design, gilt highlights, and pink and white roses on the front.  A bit of crazing on the sides and back, but not excessive.  A couple of very fine hairlines in the dial, again not noticeable, with a French rococo sash and beveled glass. The signed movement is running and striking on the hour and half-hour.  The baseboard has been replaced.  Only one sale on the Antique Clocks Price Guide, $949 at Schmitt’s in 2010; no recent sales on eBay. 

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520.     $295

Ansonia “Peer” crystal regulator, ca. 1914.  This 12-inch tall crystal regulator has a bright gold finish, beveled glasses all around, jeweled pallets, and a signed porcelain dial with one small fracture at the right winding arbor.  There is a fancy standing gong and the original 2-jar pendulum, more ornate than found on many other models.  Signed movement is running, striking on the half-hour and counting the hours.  No recent Antique Clocks Price Guide sales but one in similar condition sold on eBay this winter for $355.  $350-$500.

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521.      $400

Ansonia “La Vendee”, 1904.  Royal Bonn porcelain in apple green with pink and white roses on the front, 15 inches tall.  Rococo sash, beveled glass, signed porcelain dial with no flaws.  There appear to be two well-done repairs/touch-ups to the left front foot and to the peak over the right foot, and there is some loss of the gold highlighting on the sides.  The signed Ansonia movement is keeping time and striking appropriately.  $500-$600.

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522.     $250

EN Welch Onyx mantel clock, ca. 1890.  Welch did not make many figural clocks, and I can’t find this one in Ly’s book on Welch clocks; it may be a special order.  Welch did make some marble and onyx mantel clocks, and a similar model is found on page 314, including the Patti movement and open escapement found here.  I can’t determine who is posed sitting on top and couldn’t find the same or a similar figure offered by other clock makers.  He holds a cane and a book or satchel, and still has a most of his gilt coating.  The onyx case has suffered some cracks and repairs, as is typical of these heavy but fragile cases.  The porcelain dial is signed and is flawless.  The 8-day Patti movement is running, striking on the hour and half-hour.  There is a brass button foot missing off the back right which will need to be replaced for it to sit level, and the back cover is missing.  The clock with statue on top is 16.25 inches tall and 11 inches wide.  $300-$400.

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534.     $345

Ansonia “La Cannes”, 1904.  A 12-inch tall porcelain case in apple green with mauve and pink irises on the front and gold highlights all around.  The signed porcelain dial is flawless behind a beveled glass in a rococo sash, with an external escapement.  There are no chips, cracks, or evident repairs, and crazing is only evident on the back of the case.  The signed Ansonia movement is running and keeping time, striking on the hour and half-hour.  $350-$500.

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