Calendar Clocks 92-234
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92.       $3000

Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion”, ca 1879. We have sold only 3 Ithaca Fashion clocks in over 40 years. We get more inquiries about the Ithaca Fashion than any of the Southern Calendar Clock Co. Fashion models. We must assume it is rarer than any of the other models. Many collectors refer to this as the #11 Fashion. The case is walnut and similar in many ways to the Seth Thomas/Southern Calendar Fashions except the case is not as heavy and the finials are shaped differently. It has a lighter short pendulum movement with the Ithaca perpetual calendar movement. The dials are paper and the hands are Maltese not Spade. The 32 inch high case retains the original and clean finish, well maintained by an important Fashion collector. There is no smoke or goop that we often see on clocks this old. There is a factory stamped number on the case back, “51”. One other I sold was stamped “79”, so I assume very few of the Ithaca Fashions were made. The dials, hands, finials, glass, pendulum, and movements, are all original and correct for this model. I doubt you will ever find a nicer, more original Ithaca Fashion than this one. This clock is not pictured or mentioned in any of Tran Duy Ly’s books but is pictured in Millers, “Calendar Clocks”, page 52. $3000-$3500.

94.       $1150

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. “Office Drop Calendar”, ca 1881. This clock has every indication of being 100% original, with one tiny exception. The little metal clip that hold the bottom door in place may be a replacement, but I am not positive of that. The 34” high walnut case has all the carved curly cues and top ornament intact. The finish is dark yet polished and looks great. Both glasses are original, and both have original putty.  Behind the lower door on the backboard is a dark, complete paper label. The movement is 8 day, running and striking on a coil gong. The gong, movement, brass bob and wood stick, hands, and all the metal calendar discs, are original. The paper on the three discs shows wear and some grunge, but the paper dials are definitely all original. Ly-Calendar, page 94. I believe the last one we sold was for nearly $2800, but it was near perfect. $1200-$1500.


118.      $125

Waterbury Clock Co. wood cased mantel clock with calendar, Thermometer, and Barometer, named, “Combine, Calendar”, ca 1891. They also made this model without a calendar but it still had the thermometer and barometer at the bottom. The named it, “Combine”. The very nice walnut case is 22 inches tall, has the original glass, pendulum, gong, and 8 day time and striking movement. The paper dial is a replacement. Some genius, certainly not Bubba, made matching wood trim pieces to put on the bottom ornaments to replace the missing barometer and thermometer. It takes an expert eye to catch the replacement for they were professionally made and stained perfectly to match. Not that it matters one hoot but I much prefer the way it looks now without the cheap appliances Waterbury placed there. Ly-Waterbury #256. $150-$300.

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153.      $275

Seth Thomas “Parlor Calendar No. 5”, ca 1884. The walnut case is 24 inches high, polished and clean, and in very nice condition. The original painted zinc dials have been covered with a clear coat of polyurethane to hold the old paint.  The dials are signed correctly and the hands are original. Behind the dials is the white label with directions not to oil the calendar movement. The hands, pendulum bob, glasses, door latch and labels are all original. The signed eight day movement is running and striking the hours on a bell.  Note that I forgot to remove the pendulum and key in a cellophane ziplock bag and it is showing in the picture at the top of the calendar dial. Sorry. There is however some paint loss on the calendar dial at the 17 thru 19 date. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 106. $400-$750.


180.     $150

Ansonia Brass And Copper Co. “Drop Extra Calendar”, with “Terry’s Patent / Improved Calendar”, ca 1883. The original painted dial is signed, “Terry’s Patent / Manufactured By The / Ansonia Brass & Copper Co. / Ansonia, / Conn.”. Rosewood veneered case is 26” tall, good veneer all over, original finials, latches and knobs. The only tiny flaw I see is a missing piece on the very bottom about 1” by 2”. You cannot see that it is missing unless you are underneath the clock, but nonetheless, it is gone. Everything about the clock is original and shows only normal wear and is dirty, doubtful if ever cleaned. The calendar has flaking over the dial, scrapes around the bezel hook, scrapes and nicks on the tail, but otherwise the case looks great. The three hands, two calendar dials, both glasses, both movements, and the brass bob, are all correct and original. I did not test the 8 day movement for running and striking on the coil gong. Ly-Ansonia, pages 68-71. In very nice condition, it would be expected to fetch $1500. $200-$350.

234.     $100

Sessions Clock Co. store regulator/shop clock, “Crescent No. 15”, ca 1908. The oak case should be 38” high, but is missing the base making it only 34 inches high. The movement is 8 day time only with the original calendar dial, hands, and the original pendulum and a winding key. The movement has been serviced and is a good runner. Both glasses are replacements. A good looking calendar clock that needs a little TLC. Ly-Sessions, page 69. $100-$200.