Miniature Clocks 33-168
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33.       $250

French carriage clock. The bronze case is 6 inches high, handle is stationary, four large turned feet, and a hinged front door with beveled flat glass. The silver dial is etched in the center, dial rings and numerals are etched and filled with black paint. It has original hands and a special winding key. The lid over the watch size movement is removable revealing a beautiful and very unusual cylinder movement that is signed, “Orme / Lambeth / 4189”. It is running. A very rare and unusual carriage clock. $250-$350.



126.      $150

Chelsea Clock Co. Boston, “Corvette”, ca 1947. Clock and matching barometer are mounted on a brass rod allowing both to be tilted to suit. It has matching 2 ¾ inch dials, bronze cases, yellow brass cradle, and spokes. It sits on a 9 inch wide wood base and stands about 5.5 inches high. Both silver dials are signed and the clock is running. $200-$300.


148.     $200

“Terry Clock Co / Waterbury, Conn.” signed on the top of this miniature clock under glass dome. The dome is not original to the clock and it does not fit the iron base. Note the designs on the iron base, some wear some is good. The small base has painted scenes on the front and sides. It has a one piece porcelain dial with tiny chips around the wind arbors, and has correct hands. Note the four columns holding the clock dial and movement. They have case designs all over that match the top signed piece and the pendulum. The movement has two springs and a silk thread pendulum. The movement is running. The clock, without the dome, is almost 9 inches high. This is a very rare clock and one we seldom see for sale. It came from David Clark’s collection. $300-$500.

Without dome      Back


149.      $100

George W. Brown, Forestville, Conn. “Briggs “Rotary”, 30 hour novelty clock, ca 1858. E. N. Welch continued making the identical clock when Brown went out of business. See Ly-Welch, page 245.  Wood base is clean and polished, with the original brass feet underneath, and the iron winding wheel underneath. The dial shows age and darkening, hands are period, silver ball is also proper. The movement is running. The brass movement plates are held with screws where the earlier models were held with pins. The glass dome is original to the clock. It is not signed anywhere. $200-$350.


167.      $50

Waterbury Clock Co. carriage clock, “Major”, ca 1906. A very ornate case, stands about 5” high. Rich Roman Gold Plated case (their words), now with a little wear and tarnish. Ivory dial, original hands, and beveled glass. Sides are solid metal and back door is solid with a latch. Movement is one day, signed, and running. It strikes half hours and hours. Ly-Waterbury #304. $75-$125.


168.     $50

French carriage clock, very ornate brass case, twist columns and handle, stands 6 inches tall. 8 day movement is running and it has an alarm. Everything sets on the back. There are five good beveled glasses. The movement is signed, “Made In France”. $75-$150.