Miniature Clocks 190-249
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190.      $2000

French double carriage clock in original carrying case, ca 1895. Item has four functions, clock, barometer, thermometer, and compass. Dial is signed, “Made In Paris”, case signed on the top, “M.S.S. August 20th 1895”. All functions are operating properly. The brass case is 7 inches wide and 6.5 inches high. The leather carrying case has been carried a few too many times. In need of gluing or stitching or whatever you do to them. There is beveled glass over the clock, barometer, compass on top, and the movement platform viewing port on top. The back has doors with knobs over both the movement and the barometer. On the four corners are full round columns and four bun feet underneath. The original winding key is in the leather carrying case. I cannot find where another double carriage has been sold in the US. $2000-$3000.



191.       $1500

French multi-functional carriage clock, ca 1980. Movement is signed, “Made In France / Eleven Jewels”. Made by L’Epee a French company that was the inventor of the platform escapement for carriage clocks and have exported clocks worldwide. It was one of the few French clockmaking companies that survived WW II. This is a rather large case, with a bronze finish, standing almost 8 inches tall with handle up. It has five beveled glasses, repeat button on top, and four round columns on the corners. The porcelain dial shows Roman numeral hours, Arabic minutes, and three dials on the bottom, days of the week, hours of the day for alarm function, and days of the month. It is running, but is new in the original box, probably never put to running before. I don’t know if they come from the factory with oil in the pivots or not. It would not hurt to oil the movement. $1500-$2000.



192.      $350

French carriage clock, ca 1890. The 8 day movement is signed only, “France”, the porcelain dial is signed by a San Francisco dealer. Two porcelain dials in front, one for the time and the small one for the alarm. The movement is running and striking hours and half hours. There are five beveled glasses and I see two miniscule corner chips, hardly worth mentioning. The brass case is 6.5 inches tall, hinged back door with knob. The clock is clean throughout. The case shows wear but is all together and is very frayed in places. Original key is in the case pocket. $400-$600.

207.     $25

German marble desk clock. Off white with gray/black veins, stands 9.5 inches tall, complete and original. Brass columns and dial surround, silver dial is signed, “Germany”, hands are original, and the time only movement is running. Not sure if one day or eight day. $25-$50.

213.      $50

Seth Thomas carriage clock, “Joker Lever”, ca 1881. The case is 7 inches tall, frame is nickel, probably originally had gold gilt on the front and handle, now worn off. It is complete and original including the dial, movement, and bell underneath. Not sure about the hands. It is running. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 129. $50-$100.

214.      $25

Four clocks. 1. New Haven porcelain, good case, not running. 2. German onyx desk clock, running. 3. New Haven novelty, missing stand, running. 4. Probably the most valuable item, “Dollars Banclock”, a bank that I assume registers the coins? dropped in the slot on top. Opens on the bottom to empty. $25-$50.

215.      $25

Five clocks. 1. Seth Thomas nightstand alarm clock, gold color, running. 2. Baby Ben alarm clock, not running. 3. German alarm clock, bells on top, running. 4. Japanese onyx desk clock, running. 5. Ward alarm clock, not running. $25-$50.

249.     $25

Desk set, functioning 8 day clock in a gold colored metal case, leather covered base, and two matching ink pens. It is 13 inches wide. $25-$50.