Miniature Clocks 435-713
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435.     $30

Lux backwind and Seth Thomas “Bengal”.  The clock on the left has a signed Lux movement but no label and cannot be found in Lux clock listings.  It’s a 0ne-day, and running, but the hands slip.  It is 6 inches wide and 3.5 inches high.  The clock on the right is the Seth Thomas “Bengal”, ca. 1940, an 8-day backwind lever movement that is running and keeping time.  It is 4 inches high and 5 inches wide, in mahogany with holly-wood interleaves (page 527 of Ly, Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements, Vol. 2).  Metal dials on both.  $25-$75.


464.    $500

French champlevé carriage, ca. 1900.  Carriage clocks with a champlevé finish are not common. This one has fluted columns on cylinder bases, five beveled glasses, champlevé panels top and bottom on all four sides, and an ornate front panel of birds, flowers, and a butterfly, all with a green enamel inlay.  The dial is metal with a champlevé center ring. The platform escapement movement is running and keeping time.  It winds in the back with a carriage key (included), and is signed “MADE IN FRANCE”.  It stands 6-inches tall with the handle up.  Slight tarnish.  This same clock sold in 1999 for $1400 at Schmitt’s. 

Side view      Back


467.     $75

Seth Thomas “Gramercy”, ca. 1925.  This art-deco desk clock is 9 inches high in contrasting rosewood and a lighter wood trim (holly-wood?).  The gold metal dial notes that it has a 4-jewel movement, backwind, time-only, but we can’t get it running.  The clock is not shown in Ly’s two volumes on Seth Thomas clocks, but the paper label on the bottom makes it clear that this model is the Gramercy.  A similar label is found on other ST clocks from the 1920’s.  No sales that we can find.

Back      Label

700.     $10

 Swiss plastic dresser clock/alarm. Nice case stands 6 inches high, backwind and set one day movement has 7 jewels and is running and alarming. Label says it is hand painted. $15-$25.

701.      $10

Dresser clock with alarm, signed, “Seth Thomas / Germany”. Metal case is 4 inches tall and has an easel stand in back. The one day movement is running. It has a convex and beveled glass over the dial. All original and very nice. $25-$50.

713.      $50

Waterbury Clock Co. miniature grandfather clock, ca 1910. Walnut case is 14 inches high and very nice. All around the front edges is string inlay. Brass sash with a beveled glass over the signed dial and three original hands. The one day movement winds in the back and is running.  $50-$150.


444.    $70

Ansonia peaked cottage, ca. 1880.  This small clock is not shown in Ly’s book on Ansonia clocks. It is 10 inches high with a 3.25-inch chapter ring on a paper replacement dial; there is no label, inside or on the back.  There is rosewood veneer around the base and door frame; the sides and top are not veneered.  The glass is old, with bubbles. This clock has an unusual round pinned movement seen in Ansonia miniature steeple clocks (see page 440 of Ly’s book); it is signed “Ansonia Clock / Ansonia Conn USA”, dating it to either 1850-1854 or 1877-1884.  It is running, one day, time only, and cute as a button.  No sales records that we can find.  $70-$150.