Parts and Miscellaneous 40-247
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40.       $1500

Polyphon Musikwerke was founded in 1890 in Leipzig, Germany, and in 1894 began selling music boxes in America. Polyphon, Regina, and Symphonion, the big three, had about 90% of the music box market. In a year of two the disc music boxes became obsolete as the phonograph became dominant in the home entertainment market. Most music box makers went out of business by 1914. This walnut meandering case is 11 inches wide and 6 inches high with a colorful lithograph on underside of the lid. The comb has 41 teeth and plays discs 8 inches to 8.25 inches. It is operating as expected anc comes with more than 25 discs. The case lid has a key lock in front, with a key. The winding lever is in front and is the activation knob. The case is in near mint condition. $1500-$2000.



81.        $600

Automatic Harp by “The Ward-Stilson Co. New London, Ohio”. There are six strings on a stained wood case with trichromate transfer decoration. This is their model #9582. They made other harps with different string arrangements. The on/off music box lever is near the base of the harp and it is playing one song. Underneath the base is a paper label stating the name of the tune being played. The label inside is complete as are other parts of the music box and case, except there are two missing guitar type strings. You can buy those strings at any music store. The music box in the bottom of the case winds on the back of the case. This may be a well know company in middle America but their Harps were very rare. $750-$1000.



129.      $350

“Bronco Buster”, a bronze sculpture by the famous American sculptor, Frederick Remington. He is the most collected sculptor of all time. His bronze statues captured the American west better than any artist. His work has been reproduced in bronze for collectors worldwide. This sculpture was his first and depicts the life of the American cowboy. In this piece Remington captured the classic struggle between man and beast. This is the most recognized bronze statue in the world and one of the few originals in the Whitehouse Oval Office. The original is 22.5 inches tall and 18 inches wide and would probably sell well over $100,000. This statue is 17.5 inches high and 15.5 inches wide. $400-$650.


131.       $350

“Outlaw”, bronze sculpture by Frederick Remington. This one is another depiction of the wild riders who tamed bucking broncos. Realistically seated in the saddle the rider balances under the extreme movement of the horse. This sculpture is 18 inches tall and 11 inches wide. $400-$600.


132.      $350

“Rattlesnake”, bronze sculpture by Frederick Remington. In this work he has the same theme, violence and danger. In this piece he captures a horse’s reaction to encountering a rattlesnake on the trail. The horse has reared upon two hooves and the rider is holding on for dear live. This is another of his classics. $400-$600.

216.      $25

Waterbury alarm clock that is part of a heat regulator. A plaque on the box says, “Mfg. by Chicago Heat Regulator Co. ca 1902”. There are several wires and terminals outside and inside the box. The Waterbury “Sunrise” alarm clock is running. $25-$50.

242.     $100

Rare Swiss Christmas tree stand with music box. Silver body sits on a wood base that is 14 inches wide. The tree turning movement and the music box are activated by cranking the winding handle on the side. Off/on switch on each side of the silver box, one for activating the music, one for turning on the revolving tree stand. The electric is only for lights on the tree, has nothing to do with the turning tree or the music. Our stand is identical to one that sold recently on EBay for $595 and described as follows, “Antique Victorian Rare Swiss Christmas Tree Stand Music Box / The Swiss Christmas Tree Music box has been in the family over 100 years. It plays two songs, Silent Night and Oh How Wonderful. In the 1950’s my Father added electric to the music box. It can be used with or without the electric plug”. None of that is true. That is EBay talk. It came with the electric plug. Buy our stand, use that EBay language and make you some money on EBay, if you don’t mind lying. $200-$300.


244.     $100

Pigeon Racing clock in a wood box, 5 inches high, 7 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. The box is marked and signed several places. Outside is it marked, “Jsgus / 104494 Made In Germany. The movement is signed, “United States Racing Pigeon Association / 11 Jewels / Made In Western Germany”. It appears to be a very complicated box but I guess if you know what you are doing it would be simple. $100-$200.


246.     $25

Watchmans Clock. Dial signed, “Chicago Spartan / 8 Days / Chicago Watchclock Corporation Chicago, Ill. U.S.A.”. Leather case is complete and all keys are present. $50-$100.

247.     $25

“Chicago Watchman’s Clock / Chicago / Waltham 8 Day”, signed on the dial. No keys needed to open this clock. Dated inside 1935. Different from #246, but an earlier model. $50-$100.