Parts and Miscellaneous 250-817
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802.     $5

Framed picture for a watch shop. Inscribed on the reprint is, “Illinois Watch Co. Sales and Service, Authorized Watch Inspector”. $10-$25.


804.    $225

American Waltham Watch Co. S18, 17J


805.     $200

Illinois Watch Co. Bunn Special, 17J, RR grade, lever set, S18.


806.    $200

Timing and Repeating Watch Co. – Geneva


807.     $195

Elgin Nat’l Watch Co. ca1887, grade 102, Model 2, Class 5, size 18, 11 jewels, gold filled.


808.    $650

Columbus Railway King, Columbus, Ohio, display model, 17J, size 18


809.     $450

Waltham Vanguard 23 Jewels.


810.     $400

G.M.Wheeler, Elgin, U.S.A. 17J, Chevrolet emblem on the dial.


811.      $425

Illinois Watch Co. Springfield Bunn Special, 21 Ruby Jewels, Size 18.

800.    $25

 Two Swiss Quartz “Movado” wristwatches. New or near new stock. Stainless band and case with colored ring around the bubble glass. Black/gray dial with no numbers. Tell time by hand placement. Back is signed, “All steel quartz water resist”. Running.  Swiss Quartz “Movado” wristwatch, since 1881. This watch is new or near new stock. Stainless band and case, colored ring around the bubble dial. Typical of this company there are no numbers on the dial you just tell time by the position of the gold hands over the blank gold dial. Running. $25-$50


801.     $100

Rare pocket watch, dial is 1 5/8 inches, signed “Zenith”, Swiss made, Grand Prix Paris 1900. Engraved on the back, “Corps of Engineers / U. S. A. / No.13178”. The gold colored movement is signed, “Zenith / 17 Jewels / Prima / 2349181”. It is clean and running. I found identical watches for sale on EBay starting at $450. $100-$250.

250.     $50

“Calculagraph / Made By Calculagraph Co. / New York, U.S.A.”, printed on the porcelain dial. “Canadian and European Patents” printed on the brass section of the case top. This is a spring powered time recorder that calculated and printed elapsed time in hours and minutes / minutes and seconds. It also indicated value of elapsed time in dollars and cents as well as foreign currency. Case is 9 inches high and 8.5 inches wide. Dial has hairlines, Ca 1888, later made same machine that was electrified. No record indicating if founder Henry Abbott made the clock movements or he brought them on the open market. $100-$200.

252.     $100

Rare German Christmas tree stand with music box, ca 1800’s. Almost identical to #251 except winding mechanism is different and this one is not visibly signed anywhere. I know the consignor had it in running order, which runs and plays just like #251, but I hesitate to wind it fully and it is hesitant about running. Needs to be oiled in my opinion. This one is about 10 inches across the bottom. $200-$300.


812.      $450

Illinois Watch Co. Springfield, 21 Ruby Jewels, Bunn Special, Size 18.


813.      $200

B. W. Raymond, Elgin, Ill. U.S.A. 18S, 19J, 20 year case.


814.     $600

Hamilton Watch Co. Lancaster, Pa. G916, 16S, 17J, 14K solid gold.


815.      $500

A.W.W.Co, Waltham, U.S.A.  14K, 17J, 16S.


816.     $500

American Waltham Watch Co. 14K, Multicolor, 16S.


817.      $525

Elgin Natl Watch Co. S16, 10K.