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Parts and Miscellaneous 948-971

948.     $1

Antique American Clocks and Watches. A reflection of societies changing styles.

949.     $1

The Book of American Clocks by Brooks Palmer. More than 300 illustrations.

950.     $1

Britten’s Old Clocks and Watches and Their Makers. A reliable reference book for the novice, collector, and dealer.

951.      $1

Clocks, Pleasures and Treasures. Nearly 200 photos and illustrations.

952.     $1

Clocks, by Cedric Jagger. Facts and myths of this invention.

953.     $1

The Watch Repairers’ Instructor. Helps beginners become accustomed to turning and filing. Many illustrations, 140 pages.

954.     $1

Precision Time Measurers. Theory and mechanical laws governing timekeeping. 345 pages.

955.     $1

British Clocks and Clockmakers. Tells story of the rise, decline and revolution of British horology.

956.     $1

A Practical Course in Horology. General principles and practical repairing. 192 pages.

957.     $1

Clocks and Their Value, with a unique chart of Thomas Tompion clocks. 144 pages.

958.     $1

Abbott’s American Watchmaker and Jeweler. Directions for using all the latest tools, attachments and devices for watchmakers and jewelers. 400 pages.

959.     $1

Timing Manipulations. Contains basic technical information which will add efficiency at the bench. 60 pages.

960.     $1

Watch Repairing. Helps the beginner to develop manipulative skill in handling the delicate mechanism of a watch. 158 pages.

961.      $1

Clocks and Watches. 400 line drawings to help the reader recognize general features of clocks and watches. 222 pages.

962.     $1

The Big Ben Minute. The history and significance of the Big Ben Silent Minute Observance. Chimes at 9PM every night before the evening news. Began in 1941 during WWII. 76 pages.

963.     $1

Vintage American & European Wrist Watch Price Guide 1987 Values. 75 pages.

964.     $1

Abbott’s American Watchmaker and Jeweler. Complete directions for using all the latest tools, attachments and devices. (in 1898) Over 380 pages.

965.     $1

Precision Time Measures. Mechanical laws governing the construction of timekeeping machines and their maintenance and repairs. 345 pages.

966.     $1

Modern Methods in Horology. Practical information for young watchmakers. 253 pages.

967.     $1

The Elements of Watchcraft. The natural divisions of time, months, weeks, year, civil time, hour circles, calendars, etc. 115 pages.

968.    $1

Watch books of all kinds and descriptions mostly written in the 1800’s about watch repairing. A few of the books are historical in nature. About 30 books total.

969.     $1

Clock books, dealing with repairing, some written over 100 years ago. About 12 books.

970.     $1

Clock books of various types. There are some clock company catalogs, books about one clock maker, parts books, and human interest clock books.

971.      $25

Set of three walnut finials for Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion” clocks, models 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. They were lathe turned over 35 years ago, copied from original finials. They are seasoned but you will need to stain, sand, and polish them. Indicate on the bid form if you want more than one set. You are not bidding, just buying them.