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982.     $50

Cast iron Southern Railway torch or lamp. It is 12 inches wide and 5.5 inches high. Inscribed on the side of this rare old piece is, “SO RY / EM 245”. The screw on cap on top has the same inscription. $50-$100.


984.     $25

New Haven “Dick Tracy” wristwatch, 1948.  Lacking the crystal and not running, replacement band. $25-$50.

Parts and Miscellaneous 972-984
parts007009.jpg parts007008.jpg

975.     $100

Hamilton Chronometer outer carrying box for a Model 21. It is 10 inches square, belt strap, box is like new. Not sure what the glass bowl is for, may be more valuable than the box. $100-$200.

976A-V.       $1-$5

Bags of clock keys sorted by sizes, types, and clockmakers.  Minimum bids are $5 per bag unless otherwise stated. We believe there is a generous number of keys in each bag but if you feel you overpaid for the keys let me know and I will make it right.

976A.   Old double end keys, various sizes.

976B.  Size 3, double end.

976C. Size 4, double end.

976D.  Size 5, double end and single end

976E.  Size 6, double end.  $1 minimum

976F.  Size 7, double end.

976G. Size 4, double and single end.

976H. Size 7. Single end.

976I.  Size 8,  Single and double end.

976J.  Size 9, Single end.  $1 minimum

976K. Size 10, Single end. $1 minimum

976L. Size 11, Single end. $1 minimum

976M. Size 12, Single end. $1 minimum

976N. Size 14, Single end. $1 minimum

976O. Size 15, Single end. $1 minimum

976P. Waterbury signed keys.

976Q. French & English keys. $1 minimum

976R. New door keys. $1 minimum

976S. Foreign engraved keys, size 10. $1 minimum

976T. 5 Prong key gauges, 3 thru 12.

976U. German keys.

976V. Misc. keys. $1 minimum



977.      $75

Hanging thermometer with a 9 inch round advertising dial. The dial is signed, “Manufactured For / Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. / By The / Standard Thermometer Co. / Peabody, Mass.”. Note the dial registers to 40 degrees below zero and 150 degrees above zero. It has an 1880’s patent date, in a brass case, and seems to be accurate. $100-$200.


978.     $250

Ansonia Clock Co. side pieces/statues, “Purity and Vanity”, ca 1904. I have sold a truck load of Ansonia statues but I have never had this pair. I would say they were never pictured in a Seth Thomas sales catalog for Tran Duy Ly has a recent photograph of the pair in his Seth Thomas book, not one he found in an old sales catalog. They are 22.25 inches tall and have been professionally refinished, now in excellent condition. Ly-Ansonia, page 683. $300-$500.


979.     $250

Ansonia Clock Co. side pieces/statues, “Snowballing”, ca 1904. This is another pair I have never sold before. Both these sets of statues have been refinished and are “keepers”, if I only had a place to keep them. They are 19 inches tall and in excellent condition. Ly-Ansonia, page 666. $300-$500.


980.     $75

Top ornament for mantle clocks, stands about 9 inches tall, has a good dark finish, and the animal/stool on which she sits is missing a piece off the rear leg. $75-$150.

981.      $35

Rare Dutch iron doorstop, windmill standing 9 inches tall, has the original paint, and weighs 12 pounds. It will definitely hold the door open. $50-$100.

983.     $25

Walnut shelf, near new, in excellent condition. It is 29 inches wide and 7 inches deep on top. Note the two hanging rings on top. $25-$50.