Parts and Miscellaneous 155-802
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155.      $1250

Polyphon Musikwerke was founded in 1890 in Leipzig, Germany, and in 1894 began selling music boxes in America. Polyphon, Regina, and Symphonion, the big three, had about 90% of the music box market. In a year of two the disc music boxes became obsolete as the phonograph became dominant in the home entertainment market. Most music box makers went out of business by 1914. This walnut meandering case is 11 inches wide and 6 inches high with a colorful lithograph on underside of the lid. The comb has 41 teeth and plays discs 8 inches to 8.25 inches. It is operating as expected and comes with more than 25 discs. The case lid has a key lock in front, with a key. The winding lever is in front and is the activation knob. The case is in near mint condition. $1350-$1750.



172.                                                                                                                             $450

Automatic Harp by “The Ward-Stilson Co. New London, Ohio”. There are six strings on a stained wood case with tri-chromate transfer decoration. This is their model #9582. They made other harps with different string arrangements. The on/off music box lever is near the base of the harp and it is playing one song. Underneath the base is a paper label stating the name of the tune being played. The label inside is complete as are other parts of the music box and case, except there are two missing guitar type strings. You can buy those strings at any music store. The music box in the bottom of the case winds on the back of the case. This may be a well know company in middle America but their Harps were very rare. $500-$750.



302.      $150

Coin operated machine, “Lucky 7”, made by Vendor Mfg Inc. Nashville, TN, ca 1950’s?? I found some Lucky 7 machines on the web, but they were large pinball type machines, and selling for big bucks. This is a 5-cent machine, desktop size, put your money in the slot, turn the handle and a pair of dice that are lying on a rubber mat begin to vibrate and the dice jump around until the vibration stops and then the dice come to rest. If you get seven, you win. What? I guess that depends on the players.  The metal box is 14 inches long, 10 inches wide. Key lock on the back, with key. $200-$350.



303.      $150

Coin operated card game, “Twenty One”, ca 1920’s. Played like regular Black Jack. Insert your coin, any denomination, pull the handle and you are given two numbers. In my deal I got 7 & 5. The House pulled their lever and got, “Beat 18”. I then pulled a small lever below the dial to draw a card/number. I drew 4, still good. I pulled a second lever and drew a 10, busted. House won. It does not look like you get a payoff from the machine, probably play with friends, one being House. I cannot find a maker’s name. There may be one somewhere on the inside parts. $200-$350.



703.      $50

Musical Piano, about 20 years old. There are 10 metal records/discs that are placed inside the piano, and operate like an old record player, except it is electric. Many of the discs are of Christmas music favorites. The piano is complete with stool, foot petals, music holder, and looks in every way like a real Steinway piano. $50-$100.



800.    $10

Regency Swiss calendar wristwatch.  Stainless steel with gold trim, quartz, water resistant, #5207. Running.



801.     $5

Azzaro Chrome calendar wristwatch.  Japan movement, water resistant.  Some wear to bezel and links.  Running.



802.     $5

Pulsar Quartz day and date wristwatch.  Stainless steel, water resistant, 556503 movement. Some wear to glass.  Running.