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Parts and Miscellaneous 924-947

924.      $10

Seth Thomas, large 8-day lyre movement #5 7/8, time and strike, back mount, running.


925.      $10

Seth Thomas 8-day movement, time and strike, running, back mount.


926.      $10

Ansonia Clock Co. 8-day time and strike, back mount, with hands,  running.


927.      $10

Ansonia Clock Co. 8-day time and strike, back mount, running.


928.      $10

Ansonia Clock co., 8-day time and strike, front mount, 5 ½ drop, running.


929.      $10

New Haven Clock Co. 8-day time and strike, back mount, running.


930.      $10

New Haven Clock Co. 8-day time and strike,  back mount, running.


931.      $10

Seth Thomas 4 ½ inch brass pendulum for Regulator #2.


932.      $10

New Haven 4 ¼ inch brass pendulum for a regulator.



933.      $10

Misc. clock parts, more than a dozen alarm movements and dial set rings, disassembled Seth Thomas 8-day movement, dial pan.


934.      $10

Brass bezel with 12-inch glass and hinge. All original.


935.      $10

Paperweight, signed “PPR”, abbreviation for Pennsylvania Railroad? This unusual piece of American history has been collected by clock addicts more knowledgeable than me to be a Railroad collectable.


936.      $5

“A Century of Fine Carriage Clocks”, by Joseph Fanelli, Edited by Charles Terwilliger. The clocks pictured and discussed are some of the finest to be found anywhere.


937.      $1

Heavy duty brass clock hangers, like those on a Seth Thomas No. 19.


938.      $5

“The Contributions of Joseph Ives to Connecticut Clock Technology”, by Kenneth Roberts. Hard back.


939.      $5

“The American Clock”, by Distin and Bishop. Hard back, like new.


940.      $5

“A Treasury of American Clocks”, Brooks Palmer. Hard back


941.      $5

“The Book of American Clocks”, Brooks Palmer. Hard back.


942.      $5

“Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements”, Tran Duy Ly. Ca 1996, like new.


943.      $1

“Survey of American Clocks – Calendar Clocks”, Andrew & Dalia Miller. Ca 1972, the book has been very useful to me over the years.


944.      $1

Four small clock books, Seth Thomas, Jerome, Gilbert.


945.      $1

Three Bulletin Supplements, Connecticut Clockmaking, American Spring Driven Clock, and Welch, Spring and Company.



946.      $35

Bronze desk thermometer, makers name signed on the back. Thermometer is working properly. Advertising on the front is, “C. A. P.”.  The case or stamped bronze plate shows buildings and a bridge. A tiny sign on the building says, “Steel Virginia Bridge”. $50-$100



947.      $25

Metal bank, figure of Lion, 5.5 inches tall. Screw in side holds two pieces together.