Radios! R100-R105
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R-100.  $115

Crosley Model 9-102 tabletop AM radio, ca. 1948.  This is a 6-tube superheterodyne AM radio with an internal antenna in a dark brown plastic case with a lighted plastic dial.  On-off volume knob, bass-treble knob, and tuning knob. The finish is bright, no cracks or breaks.  The plastic dial cover shows some distortion from heat on the left side, with a slight crack on the upper right side.  The radio powers up and receives AM stations with good volume, but there is a noticeable buzz. Dial is lit, dimly, and the tuning bar does not show up well. Power cord looks original, with some cracks, and could stand to be replaced. 14 in x 8 in x 9.5 inches high, 12 lb.  $100-$200.


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R-101.   $130

Emerson Model 594A small tabletop AM radio, ca. 1948-49.  This is a restored 5-tube superheterodyne AM radio with a built-in loop antenna in a dark brown plastic case, 11 in x 5.5 in x 7 inches high and weighing 5 lb.  The finish is mirror-sharp and there are no cracks or breaks.  Original knobs for on/off/volume and tuning.  The tuning dial is lit. The radio powers up and has good reception for AM radio stations due to the long loop antenna, with good volume; the tubes, capacitors, and resistors have been replaced as necessary.  The power cord and plug have been replaced for safety.  These dark brown cases are often labeled “Bakelite” but Bakelite was replaced by more modern plastics after WWII.  No Makers/model label. $130-$200.


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R-102.  $90

Motorola Model 5R1 small tabletop AM radio, 1950.  This model came in six colors, here in ivory.  It is a 5-tube superheterodyne AM radio in a painted dense plastic case, 8.25 in x 5.25 in x 5 inches high.  There are some small paint chips along the edges, but overall the case is in fine shape with a good glossy finish; the gold lettering is still strong and the two dials (on/off/volume and tuning) are original.  The electronics have been checked, set to specifications, and faulty tubes replaced.  Capacitors are new; original power cord and plug.  Unit powers up and pulls in local AM stations with good volume and minimal buzz.  A great mid-century modern look!  Model information printed on backboard.  $100-$150. 


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R-103.  $60

Jewel Radio Corp Model 915 AM-clock-radio, 1950.  This is a 4-tube radio with a Telechron alarm clock that could sound either a buzzer alarm or turn on the radio – what a concept!  The dark plastic case is complete with no cracks or damage, and with a shiny finish.  The dials are original.  The case is 10.5 in x 6 in x 6.25 inches high with nice printed instructions on the original backboard.  The cord and plug are original.  Clock-radios came on the scene in the 1940’s and really took off in the 1950’s.  $60-$100.


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R-104.  $90

Emerson Model 544 small tabletop AM radio, ca. 1947-48.  This is a wood case, superheterodyne 5-tube AM radio, 11 in x 6 in x 7.75 inches high.  The veneer on the front shows a nice grained pattern, while the top and sides are smoother and have been stained when the case was refinished.  All capacitors have been replaced and the tubes and resistors checked and replaced as necessary.  The radio was realigned; it picks up several stations and plays loud and clearly.  The on/off/volume knob and tuning knob appear to be original and there is an Emerson decal under the speaker grille.  The dial is backlit; the plastic dial cover is a replacement.  The cord and plug are an old replacement and the cardboard backboard is missing. A nice little radio that would look good on a shelf or counter in your home!  $100-$175. 



R-105.  $160

Emerson Model 503 small tabletop AM radio, 1946-49.  This is a small (11 in x 6.75 in x 8 in high) wood case, 5-tube superheterodyne AM radio in restored condition.  This model came with several different dial types; note the “Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corporation, NY USA” on the lower half of this original dial.  There is also an Emerson logo button on the lower left.  The walnut-veneered case and blond wood grill have been refinished, the wood backboard is original, and the electronics have been restored so that the radio sounds great with good volume and no hum.  Tuning in your favorite baseball team’s radio play-by-play will be a pleasure with this beauty!  The dial is lit up brightly when the power is on.  The power cord was replaced for safety.  Another still-stylish radio from the late 1940’s.  $150-$250.


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