Advertiser Clocks 211-358
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211.            $200

E.  Ingraham Clock Co. “Western Union”, ca 1911.  This one is special because of the unusual advertising on the lower glass, “The National Stockman and Farmer / Pittsburgh, Pa.”.  Both glasses appear to be original and the advertising paint is holding very well.  The near perfect oak case is 36” high, clean and polished.  We bought it with a collection of excellent clocks from a Pennsylvania collector.  Several of his clocks will be in this auction, none have any apologies.  The original dial is signed, has correct hands, and original brass bob on a wood stick, and a perfect label on the back.  The movement is 8-day, time only, and it is running.  Ly-Ingraham #377.  $300-$500.


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358.     $425

British United Clock Co. “Vanner & Prest’s” advertiser, 1885-1909.  This is NOT the Baird advertiser you might think.  The B.U.C.C. was in operation from 1885 to 1909 and modeled this clock after the more common Baird advertisers for this leather treatment (Molliscorium).  You can still buy Vanner & Prest horse care products today. It differs from the Baird clock in that the raised lettering is pressed into a tin cover over the wood bezels, rather than being formed of paper maché.  The clock is 30.5 inches long with an 11-inch dial that is flaking badly, but retains the BUCC logo.  The paint on the tin covers and case is in very good shape.  The 8-day time-only signed movement is running and keeping time. No label, other than instructions on the back.  These clocks are not common and I could not find a listing in the Antique Clocks Price Guide.  A nice complement to the Baird Vanner & Prest advertiser if you happen to have it.  $500-$800.

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