Cabinet Clocks 336-786
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336.     $175

Ansonia “Surrey”, ca. 1910.  Ansonia put out a number of metal case clocks in the early 1900’s with a “Colonial Brass Finish” and all of them have suffered the same fate over the years, with the brass finish being worn off by excessive polishing.  This one is in better shape than most, but still has its issues.  You can see that it has been buffed to a bright shine and can also see spots where the copper undercoating is showing through.  There is some fine pitting on the sides, and some spots where there is still tarnish.  Shiny clocks are next to impossible to photograph and all the imperfections seem to be magnified, so please consider that this clock looks great from a more reasonable distance.  There are some scrapes and wear to the dial, and some of the numbers have been touched up.  It has an 8-day half-hour strike movement that is running and keeping time.  Sale prices for these brass clocks vary with the quality of the finish, ranging from $100 to $250.

Front     Angle      Movement


669.           $75

Seth Thomas Clock Co. cabinet clock, “Whitby”, ca 1921. Mahogany cabinet case is 12 inches tall, has a very good original finish with slight crazing, but I sure would not try to remove the crazing or you will ruin a super nice finish. The inlay lines on the front are very visible and all the brass feet are underneath. It has a brass bezel with convex beveled glass, excellent signed porcelain dial, but poor replaced hands. It has a signed 8-day movement that is running and striking half hours. Ly-Seth Thomas #1691. $100-$200.


672.           $100

Ansonia Clock Co. mantel clock, metal case, “Monmouth”, ca 1901. The clock has a brass finish and is good but the dial shows some wear. It is 11 inches tall with etched designs over the brass finish. The movement is 8-day and strikes hours and half hours on a gong. The sash is cast brass as are the round feet underneath. It is running and striking properly. Ly-Ansonia #1591. $150-$300.


684.           $50

Wm. L. Gilbert Clock Co. tambour clock, “Winsome”, ca 1925. 16-inch-wide cabinet is finished in brown mahogany, hand rubbed, fitted with an excellent 8-day movement that is running and playing Normandy Chimes on half hour and hours. It is like new so has not been abused like so many clocks. The brass sash is holding a convex glass over a silver dial. Hands appear to be correct. The dial and movement are signed. Ly-Gilbert #980. $50-$100.

716.           $50

Ansonia Clock Company mantel clock, tambour chiming, “Sonia No. 1”, with Westminster Chimes, ca 1928. Ansonia described the 23-inch-wide case as being brown toned solid mahogany, with a six inch silver plated dial with raised bronze numerals and cast gold plated bezel with invisible hinge. It also has a bowed beveled glass in the bezel, original hands, and the dial is signed two places. On the back of the hinged back door is a metal label. The 8-day movement has the original pendulum, is running, and striking full Westminster chimes and hour strike and is self-adjusting. This is a very clean and nice chime clock. Ly-Ansonia #1686. $100-$150.

748.           $100

E. N. Welch ?? 8-day mantel clock. The previous owner said this was a Welch clock however I cannot find it in the Welch books and it is not signed anywhere. It is what it is, a very attractive shelf clock. The large 8-day brass movement is running and striking hours on a bell. It certainly has the look of a 17th Century clock, the only access to the pendulum is thru a hole in the base. The original dial has been repainted; pendulum is old, there is a heavy flat beveled glass in the brass sash, and a push button door latch on the case side. The 15 ˝ inch high wood case may be coca cabala or rosewood, just not sure what it is, but it is sure attractive. There are some dents around and about but no chips. $150-$300.



782.           $100

Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Conn. City Series clock, “Wales”, ca 1904. I have never heard of a town in the US named Wales, but there are actually at least 3. I doubt that Seth Thomas named this clock for a US city, more than likely it was named for Wales, United Kingdom. ST also named clocks for other foreign countries and foreign cities. I am no expert but I have probably owned more City Series clocks than anyone you know. This little 10 ˝ inch high oak clock is typical of this type ST clock, well made of good materials, great 8-day round movement (signed), porcelain dial (signed), and standing Cathedral gong. It is running and striking. Ly-Seth Thomas #619. $150-$300.


786.           $50

Seth Thomas mantel clock, “Newport”, ca 1915. This small shelf clock is 13 inches wide and 9 inches high, made of mahogany with a dull finish. Complete and original except for a couple of veneer chips. It has a heavy brass sash and convex beveled glass over a very nice porcelain dial and the original hands. The 8-day movement is running and striking hours and half hours on a Cathedral gong. Ly-Seth Thomas #2489. $75-$150.