Clocks 41-331
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41.            $600

J.  C.  Brown, Bristol, Conn / Forestville Manufacturing Co.”, ca 1842.  This clock is   mahogany veneered, plain steeple case with ripple molding on the door.  It is standing 20” high, is all original and exceptionally clean and nice.  The finials are near perfect and have no broken tips.  The veneer is in excellent condition.  Original tablet has some small chips on the white paint at the top.  The top glass is old.  On the door is their typical door latch.  There is a good painted original zinc dial that has faded some, and a couple of paint chips around the screws.  It has a good pair of early hands and old pendulum bob.   The blue label is complete, the coil gong and brass bob are polished, and the 8-day brass movement is signed with the Forestville name.  It is a good example of a J. C. Brown early clock with rare ripple.  $650-$800.


cottage002008.jpg cottage002007.jpg

84.            $400

J.  C.  Brown / Forestville Manuf.  Co, 8-day shelf clock with decorated case that has retained most all of the gilt stenciled decorations, ca 1850.   I notice that several companies sold this identical clock, most mentioning J.  C.  Brown on the labels.  The rosewood veneered case stands 15 inches tall and retains a good original finish, clean and polished.  Both glasses are original as is the signed dial, complete label, wire gong, old pendulum bob, and the 8-day movement that is running and striking.  In internet auctions we note these clocks sell from $700 to $1000.



226.            $225

Seth Thomas eight-day steeple clock, “Sharp Gothic”, ca 1879, with a special alarm system, “Winward’s New Eight-Day Railway Alarm Clock”, as copied from a paste over label inside on the backboard.   This identical clock is the subject of an article in the NAWCC Bulletin, February 2000, page 85.  It is an original Seth Thomas made clock with their 8-day time and striking movement, their label and gong.  The extra alarm on-off levers can be seen on the top of the case.  The 21-inch mahogany veneered case is all original and in very nice condition with a couple of small problems, such as a few small paint chips on the original dial.  Otherwise the glasses, bell and gong, pendulum bob, and movements are all original and are running.  We have sold at least one other Seth Thomas steeple clock with this special alarm.  Ly-Seth Thomas #2296.  $250-$400.


258.            $100

“Terry & Andrews, East Bristol, Conn.”, steeple clock, ca 1849-1850.  Mahogany veneered case is 20” tall, original glasses, door latch, and pointed finials.  Finials are not so pointed anymore and the veneer on the top point is a little ragged, otherwise the case is like you would expect to find on a clock over 160 years old.  Original painted dial is superb for its age, good old hands, coil gong, old pendulum bob, complete paper label and a 30-hour movement with brass springs.  The movement is signed “Terry & Andrews / Bristol”.  This clock has the alarm ring in the dial and a large alarm movement positioned on the base of the case.  $100-$200.


cottage002005.jpg cottage002004.jpg

317.      $50

Ansonia peaked cottage, ca. 1880.  This small clock is not shown in Ly’s book on Ansonia clocks.  It is 10 inches high with a 3.25-inch chapter ring on a paper replacement dial; there is no label, inside or on the back.  There is rosewood veneer around the base and door frame; the sides and top are not veneered.  The glass is old, with bubbles.  This clock has an unusual round pinned movement seen in Ansonia miniature steeple clocks (see page 440 of Ly’s book); it is signed “Ansonia Clock / Ansonia Conn USA”, dating it to either 1850-1854 or 1877-1884.  It is running, one day, time only, and cute as a button.  No sales records that we can find.  $50-$100.



325.     $75

Jerome & Co. cottage, ca. 1875.  The patent date of 1870 on the door label dates this clock to after purchase of the company by the New Haven Clock Co.  The mahogany-veneered clock is just under 16 inches tall with black painted trim all around.  Some wear is evident, especially around the door latch.  There is what appears to be a burn mark on the top surface, but it doesn’t detract significantly.  The metal dial retains most of the original paint and is relatively clean; the hands are appropriate but do not quite match.  The gutta percha inserts with gold trim are in good shape, no cracks, with a typical idyllic country picture.  The interior retains the original wallpaper.  The 8-day time-and-strike unsigned movement is running and striking a wire gong.  A nice example of this model.  $100-$200.


330.     $85

Atkins Octagon Top, 1859-1879.  A 10.25-inch case with good rosewood veneer all around, two old glasses and a nice Atkins-style gold stencil backed in black.  Just a 30-hour movement, time only but with an alarm that winds separately (the winding port is at the upper left and visible only with the door open).  Hands aren’t exactly correct, but will do; door latch is non-functional.  Good label from Bristol.  Running and keeping time, if you don’t mind winding it every day.  $85-$120.


cottage002002.jpg cottage002001.jpg

331.      $100

J. C. Brown Cottage, ca. 1850.  The refinished rosewood case is 14.75 inches high; the veneer is in good shape with some lifting on the right side where it appears that heat damage to the back occurred.  If there was ever any gold stenciling on the case itself there is no sign of it now.  There is a chip at the top right corner.  The upper glass has a crack running across it which is not visible except at certain angles, and there seems to be a coating over the entire glass from the inside, perhaps to seal the crack and stabilize the glass.  The typical gold stencil on this glass is nearly complete; sometimes you see this backed in black, but not always.  The lower cut and frosted glass is old (there is a large bubble on the right side) and usually is suggested to not be original, as these clocks often had a reverse-painted scene or image of Brown, but there are several examples of this clock with a frosted lower glass.  The door handle is original ivory/bone.  The signed dial has been repainted, the hands correct and probably original.  The eight-day time-and-strike movement is signed Forestville Manufacturing and is running and striking as expected.  There is a nice green label inside. These clocks are not uncommon but remain popular and vary widely in price.  $100-$250.

Interior      Side view     Label