Clocks 675-781
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675.           $50

“Atkins Clock Comp’y, Bristol, Ct.”, rare cottage clock, ca 1860. Rosewood case is 14 inches high, top with an edge, flat edges on the door, rounded on the outside front. The case is very nice, glasses are original, painted dial and hands are original, and inside is a complete paper label and bras pendulum. The 8-day movement is running and strikingon a coil gong. “The Clocks of Irenus Atkins”, by Philip C. Gregory & Robert M. King, page 85. $75-$150.  


676.           $25

Mantel clock in a walnut ? case standing 13 ˝ inches high. Nothing is signed, and no label. Case is nice, gold paint around the door edge, good glasses, but it ends there. The dial is new paper, has no dial pan, pendulum is new, movement is time only and I would bet it runs only 30-hours. The movement is round, wheels etc. not visible as the movement is inside a round brass covering. $25  

717.           $100  

Jerome & Co. New Haven, Conn., cottage clock, ca 1870. There is a complete paper label on the back of the door. It is printed on paper and attached to wood that is covering the gutta percha glass. Both gutta percha glasses are almost perfect. Excellent walnut case is 16 inches tall, all wood pieces are beveled except the door parts which are flat. It has the typical Jerome door knob/latch. The painted metal dial has the original paint, slight damage around the hand arbor and on the dial edges. The movement runs 8-days and strikes on as coil gong. Another typical Jerome feature is the wallpapered backboard. $150-$250.


731.           $50

“Terry & Andrews, Ansonia, Conn.”, steeple clock ca 1851. Probably a rare 30-hour clock because of the label and signed movement, “Bristol, Conn.”. This would be a clock made by the Ansonia Clock Co. before the name was actually changed from Terry & Andrews to Ansonia Clock Co. The rosewood veneered case is 20 inches tall, all original except the repainted dial, perhaps the lower glass, and both finial tips broken off. Otherwise the case is very attractive, clean and polished, with only a small chip or two on the veneer. The signed movement is running, striking hours on a coil gong, and sounding the alarm on an iron bell. Note the large alarm movement in the base of the case. $75-$150.


738.           $50

Seth Thomas 8-day mantel clock, named simply, “Cottage”, ca 1879. They made several variations of this model, in several sizes. This clock is made with rosewood, stands 14 ˝ inches tall, and is clean and complete. I will expand further, if polished it would be near perfect. The dial, hands, painted glass, door knob, complete paper label, and the pendulum, are all original to the case. The 8-day brass movement is signed, running, and striking hours on an original coil gong. About as good as they come. Ly-Seth Thomas, #643. $75-$150.

739.           $50

“Terry & Andrews, Bristol, Conn.” cottage clock, ca 1842. The mahogany veneered case is 15 inches tall, original, and in good condition, appears to have never been cleaned. There is a door latch, two correct glasses, however I cannot swear the bottom is original, but it is correct for the model, and is old. The painted dial has aged but not missing paint, hands are replacements as is the pendulum bob. The 30-hour movement appears to have original brass springs, is running and striking a coil gong on the hours. The paper label is less than 50% intact, but enough there to identify the makers. $50-$100.


740.           $50

“Ansonia Brass & Copper Co. Ansonia, Conn.” mantel clock, ca 1869, named, “Gothic Gem-Large”. The mahogany veneered case is 18 ˝ inches tall, full front latching door with two glasses, bottom could be a replacement. Old painted metal dial is soiled by has no paint loss, hands could be original. Complete paper label inside, 8-day movement runs and strikes hours on a coil gong. It has an alarm movement and it rings on an iron bell. It has a replaced pendulum bob. Ly-Ansonia #1710. $75-$150.

755.           $150

“Jerome & Co., New Haven, Conn.”, cottage clock, ca 1876. Case is 16.5 inches high, base is rosewood veneer, and top is mahogany veneer. Case is near perfect and has no veneer issues, two original glasses, door knob, complete paper label on the back of the door, inside backboard is paper covered. The dial has been repainted, hands are probably replacements, and alarm ring is correct. The 8-day movement is running and striking a coil gong and the alarm movement is operational and strikes the same coil gong. The 140-year-old clock could not be any better. $200-$400.


778.           $100

Seth Thomas mantel clock, “Tudor No.1”, ca 1879. They made this model in several sizes and configurations i.e. door lock or door knob, wood bezel or brass bezel, etc. This model is not pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas for it has painted case decorations, flowers on the case front and various designs painted around the black base. The decorations on the base are worn and fading. We have sold Tudors in the past that also had painted decorations so we know they were done at the factory. The walnut case is 16 inches tall, key lock with key, good complete label, nice dial but probably repainted at some time, signed 8-day movement, correct ST hands, coil gong and winding key. The pendulum is not correct, but serviceable, and the movement is running and striking properly. Ly-Seth Thomas #665. $100-$200.


781.           $100

Seth Thomas mantel clock, “Tudor No.1”, ca 1879. This walnut case is 15 inches tall, scuffed around the round bezel, east fix with liquid stain. Original painted dial has chipped and new paint applied to the chipped places. It has ST hands, coil gong, side door lock with key, and old brass pendulum. The 8-day movement is running but out of beat from hauling to me, strikes hours on a coil gong. Inside is a complete paper label. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 223. $100-$200.