No. 2 & 3 Fashion clocks
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1.             $400

Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No.  2”, ca 1877.  This model is walnut veneered, stands 31” high, and was the last Fashion model that was veneered.  Others were made of solid walnut.  It was the first model with three finials, and almost impossible to find one with good original veneer. The majority of the veneer on this case is holding tight.  There are some small chips on the top but overall one of the best No. 2 cases I have seen.  The finials are original but all three have broken tips.  I sell replacements turned from walnut about 30 years ago but you will have to stain them to match the case.  Both dials are original and retaining most of the paint.  There are some small chips and some paint repairs.  Good paper label inside, a correct pendulum bob, and a good 8 day brass movement made by Seth Thomas Clock Co. for Southern Calendar Clock Co. It is signed by ST, clean and is running and striking a brass bell each hour.  Ly-Calendar, page 283.  $500-$75                             


2.             $1000 

Southern Calendar Clock Co. Saint Louis, Mo. “Fashion No. 3”, ca 1879.  The 32” walnut case has a good polished finish, not crazed, and has very good gold in the incised designs around the dial boards.  The Fashion glass has good paint, the hands are all original as are the dials, and it has the correct “Star Pendulum” which makes it correct for the No. 3 Fashion.  The original painted dials have age lines and some paint loss.  Inside is a large brass bell, correct labels, original movements, and nickel dial rings.  Outside there is an original key and all the wood parts are original and very nice.  I do notice a nick on the top where it is not noticeable.  The finials are dark and appear to be as old as the case but I doubt that these finials came with the clock.  Overall this is a very nice and original Fashion No. 3.  Ly-Calendar, pages 284-285.  $1250-$1500.