No. 4 Fashion clocks
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15.            $1100

Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No. 4”, ca 1880.  If you have always wanted a Fashion clock as a family keepsake or family hand-me-down, you should consider this one.  I have been selling clocks for 44 years and have sold scores of Fashion clocks, and this one is original and nice as any we have sold.  It is exactly like it left the St.  Louis factory, original finish but some darker, crusty in places, but has a nice polish sheen on the walnut case.  Around the back edge is a speck or two of white paint.  Before clocks became so collectable folks did not worry about moving a clock off the mantel when they painted a room.  If paint got on the clock, they did not worry about it.  It has the original damascened pendulum bob, original winding key, brass bell, nickeled dial rings, original hands, and finials.  The glass has not been out of the door.  Normally Fashion dials would have had considerable paint loss after 130 years and most have been repainted.  Not this one, but they are slightly rough in places, but completely acceptable just as they are.  The only flaw to the clock is some tiny paint chips on the dials.  I hung the pendulum and it started running without me giving it a nudge.  Surely it has been looked after and at least oiled at times, but to look at the movements you would swear they have never been cleaned or taken out of the case.  If this clock had come to me ten or twenty years ago I would have never offered it for sale.  Now consider this; it does not look new, but it is like new.  If you want it spit shined then go for it, but to most collectors it is worth a whole lot more in this outstanding original condition, than it would be cleaned.  Ly-Calendar, page 286.  $1300-$1500.


32.            $1200

Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No. 4”, ca 1880.  This is a perpetual calendar clock, both movements made by the Seth Thomas Clock Co. and said to be some of the finest movements ST ever made.  Walnut case is 32” high, restored by cleaning / polishing the case, having the dials repainted, and installing new roller papers.  It has an original FASHION glass that is superb, original factory finials with good points, complete black instruction label inside on the backboard, and an original pendulum bob and stick.  The 8-day movement is clean and running / striking.  The incised designs on the dial board were once filled with gold, now it appears the grunge has covered the gold.  Brass bell and the three nickel dial rings are all polished.  It is very nice, but not perfect.  If all original Ly-Seth Thomas #291, says this clock is valued at $3500.  We have sold better ones for that and more, and junky ones for as low as $1500.  $1500-$2000.


95.            $1200

Southern Calendar Clock Co. St.  Louis, Mo., “Fashion No. 4”, ca 1880.  Walnut case is 32” high, dark but retains the original finish.  It has been restored, in that the dials have been repainted black, paper calendar rolls replaced to black, and the finials are glued in so I cannot evaluate them.  The walnut finials are exactly like the originals.  The running and calendar movements are operating properly, and inside is the original black and gold label of instructions and the white label telling you not to oil the calendar movement.  The brass pendulum and wood stick look like what you would see on a No. 4 but it is a little too large.  It looks fine, runs as it should, and no one buy you will know the difference.  You should have a brass pendulum that is 2 5/8 inches in diameter.  Large brass bell is clean and bright, correct hands, and it has nice nickeled dial rings.  The etched designs on the dial board retains all of the original gilt, the tablet is excellent, and as usual I was disappointed when I looked in the secret compartment.  Overall a very good example of this model.  The previous collector had the clock restored to look like the No. 6 black dial models.  Like him, if you have always wanted a black dial Fashion but did not want to pay $4000, this is an ideal substitute.  I have had it in my office for some time and no one knows the difference.  Ly-Calendar, page 286; also in the Ly-Seth Thomas book.  $1250-$1500.



303.     $1200

Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No. 4”, 1875-1889.  Solid walnut, refinished of late, 32 inches high with center finial.  Finials likely replacements, well matched.  The dials are no doubt original paint, with some flaking, and some stains of indeterminate nature on the calendar dial.  Hands are correct; the day and month rollers are yellowed but readable, and no doubt original.  Old glass, good Fashion gold label, short drop pendulum with Seth Thomas-style damascene pattern.  The 8 day time-and-strike movement is clean and signed “Manuf’d by the Seth Thomas Clock Co. Thomaston CT solely for the Southern Calendar Clock Co. St. Louis MO.” along with some patent dates.  The time and calendar movements are correct and shown on pages 276 and 278 of Ly’s book “Calendar Clocks”.  The clock is running, keeping time, striking on the brass bell, and the calendar is advancing.  A long-necked key is included.  Don Hellstern tells me this is a late version of the No. 4 movement.  Average sale price on eBay for Fashion No. 4 clocks over the last several years is $1422.  $1400-$1800.

Interior     Movement      Back


99.            $1750

Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion 4T”, ca 1878.  The “4T” model is a transition between the models 4 and 5 and has some attributes of each.  As you know the Fashion clocks were made in St.  Louis by the Culver Brothers who made their own cases and bought the finest movements Seth Thomas ever made.  The clocks left St.  Louis in covered wagons and were sold in several southern states, primarily to farmers.  This clock was one of a load of clocks sold in west Mississippi and since a great many of the “4T” models are found in west Mississippi, it is generally believed that that wagon load was all “4T” models.  It has a Cathedral gong, where the No. 4 had a brass bell.  These dials are ones found on the No. 5 models.  The movement has an outside fly, unlike the No. 4’s.  I have sold scores or Fashion clocks, all the different models in all kinds of conditions.  This is one of the best ones I have sold.   This clock is pretty much all original including the dials, glass, finials, winding key, hands, movements, pendulum, and all wood parts.  The two small finials are replacements and the old dials have been repainted.   Ly-Calendar, page 286, and Ly-Seth Thomas, page 120.  $2000-$3000.