International Classics 209-240
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209.            $225

French carriage clock, ca 1875.  8-day movement is running and strikes half hours and hours on a coil gong.  Porcelain dial and hands are perfect, as are the five beveled glasses. The brass case stands 7 inches tall.  It retains the original lever platform movement.  An original carriage key is inside.  There is no makers signature on the movement.  The case is slightly dull, probably not polished in some time.  $250-$400.



233.            $175

French bronze with a large statue of Amor by the side. The 8-day round French movement is signed, “Medaille 1000 Paris d’or / S Marti”.  The bronze banner on top may have a small piece missing.  The statue may have been repainted dark chocolate, a typical color French bronze.  The base is white marble with four bronze feet underneath.  There is a bronze beading around the marble and around the base of the clock tower.  There is a beveled glass in front of the pendulum and a plain glass behind the pendulum.  It has a bowed beveled glass over the bowed porcelain dial.  The hands are missing.  The round French movement strikes a bell attached to the movement, a typical French movement arrangement.  The movement is complete but very dirty.  We did not check for running.  It has a very ornate French pendulum.  Great potential with this clock but it does need some attention.  $200-$300.



236.            $250

French black marble clock, ca 1880.  The case is 12 inches wide and 18 inches high and has several pieces of inlaid marble, light in color, in the tan tones.  Incised designs on every piece of marble on the front, a lot of gold filling that is still bright and clear.    This case, unlike all the other marble clocks from this collection, has a good many attached pieces of marble, several on the top, and others on the sides, which give the case some oomph.  It has a French sash, beveled glass, brass dial with incised numerals black filled and lately enhanced.  It also has a mottled brass inner dial, Brocot escapement, and a great pair of French hands.  Round French 8-day movement is running and striking a large standing gong on the half hours and hours.  It is not signed on the movement or dial. Brass back door is hinged, correct pendulum as the serial number on the pendulum is the same as on the movement.  This clock had a price tag of $1000 on it but I managed to get it for some less.  $300-$550.



238.            $350

Elaborately decorated porcelain clock made in China for the German market but some gravitated to the American market.  The large case (22 inches high) was first fired with a white glaze then gold paint and painted flower petals were applied and fired a second time.  The brass sash and hands also look like the gold paint on the case.  The porcelain dial has an hour ring and a minute ring.  The German 8-day lever movement is running and striking bim-bam on the half hours and the number of hours.  It is a very impressive and attractive clock.  $400-$600.


240.            $1750

“Bolviller a Paris”, signed on the porcelain dial and movement of this unusual and early brass carriage clock, ca 1848-1858.  Bolviller had some connection with Japy Freres in the early clockmaking years.  Brass case is 7 inches high with gilt castings and heavily engraved back door and dial plate.  Both the front and back doors are hinged, with original pull knobs.  Back door also has a movable plate inside the door accessible from the outside allowing access to winding arbors and hand set, without opening the door.  The 8-day movement runs and strikes. Strikes one time on both half hours and hours.  Most unusual and probably earliest of this group of rare carriage clocks. $2000-$2500.

Back      Movement

239.            $150

French marble clock, ca 1880.  Finally we can offer you a clock that will run silently and not ding ding and wake you up.  It has an 8-day time only movement, unsigned, and running with a correct type pendulum.  The black marble case is 16 inches wide and 10 inches high, has some colored marble sparsely inlaid on the case front, and has gold filled incised designs on the front.  There is a small chip on the base, back right corner.  Beveled glass in a brass sash over the one piece porcelain dial and nice French hands.  There is no cover over the round opening on the back.   $200-$300.