International Classics 261-322
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261.            $350

French Empire style table clock, ca 1880.  This is an elaborately decorated patinated bronze and ormolu, Gothic style mantel clock.  The case stands 19 inches high and overall is in good condition, just needs cleaning.  The elaborate dial surround, porcelain dial, original French hands, and an attractive brass pendulum make up the accessories to the wood and bronze case.  The twisted columns have inlaid brass wire all around.  The bronze capitals and bases are also exceptionally nice.  The pendulum is exceptional, nice nickel bell, round 8-day French movement that is clean, running and striking half hour and hours.  The movement is not signed nor is the dial.  $400-$600.



262.            $250

“Monkey Business”, made by Junghans, Germany, ca 1920. We have sold similar clocks in the past.  The monkey is holding a book in his lap, and his eyes and jaw move up and down slowly as the time only 30-hour movement runs.  There is a line that runs up from the movement to the jaw and eyes.  The cast metal case is 9 ½ inches high.  It will run a bit and quit.  Will need to be serviced.  $250-$400.

264.            $350

French 2-piece porcelain clock named, “Old Paris”, ca 1865. The 8-day mound French movement is signed, “Gilbert E. A.  Paris”, and it has the typical makers circle with a name in it that I cannot read without taking the clock apart.  No Thanks.  The clock is 18 inches high, has no big problems just the usual small hairlines in the porcelain and the dial.  The 8-day silk thread movement is running and striking a bell attached to the movement.  The dial has a small chip at the strike arbor and some unappealing hairlines.  The hands are correct, so is the pendulum and winding key.  Overall a very eye-catching clock that collectors wish for.  $400-$750.


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268.            $200

Wedgwood cased clock, signed on the case base, “Wedgwood”, no other marking on the movement backplate or the dial.  The wonderful case is about 6 inches tall, perfect condition, like new. Ivory looking figures on the front and sides.  $200-$300.



309.     $125

Friedrich Mauthe Vienna.  The spring-driven movement for this small Vienna is probably early twentieth century.  It has a D.R.P. (Deutsche Reich Patent) number, the FMS (Friedrich Mauthe Schwenningen) logo, and a German eagle logo.  I am less sure about the age of the case, which appears to be late twentieth century; the Mauthe Company was in business until 1976.  The case length, from finial tip to tip, is about 31 inches.  The veneer is in nice shape; there are two side glasses.  The 8-day movement is running and striking a wire gong on the hour and half-hour.  A nice little Vienna at a nice price.  $150-$225.

Side view      Movement



322.     $200

French swinger on Moreau’s Cupid.  This is a bronze or bronze-coated statue of Auguste Moreau’s sculpture of Cupid.  In other examples the boy is holding an arrow in his right hand and the left hand is holding a bow; here the left the hand holds the mount for the ball and pendulum clock.  The 15.5-inch statue and marble base are in excellent shape with no damage or wear, making me think they are not old (1970’s?); however, the movement inside the ball looks quite a bit older than that and has had some repairs.  The clock and pendulum are also in very nice shape.  The clock is running, but not robustly.  Nothing other than the statue is signed.  With the clock mounted it stands 19.5 inches high.  Includes a key.  $250-$450.

Side      Back      Movement     Signature