International Classics 500-557
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500.           $25

Display of early Dutch/German time and strike clock, with wood plates and brass ? wheels. Hands protrude thru the plastic case in front. Bell on top, original hands, clock appears to be complete but not intended to run. More of a museum example. $25-$50.


511.           $150

French Bakers clock, large and very heavy. It is 22 inches high, heavily decorated with mother of pearl, wood inlays, etc. Beautiful dial surround and case decorations. The inner portion of the dial where it is signed is also very nice and the hands are original. The dial is signed, Du Bois A Rives. The wood case is old but in excellent condition and it has the large Morbier type movement. The pendulum and key are in the case. The top lifts up from the bottom to access the movement. There is a hook to hold the top to the case. The movement is running and striking each hour. $200-$350.


519.           $50

French desk clock, 7-inch-high wood case, part painted black, part natural wood. The pendulum is permanently attached and is running. Dial and hands are original. The movement is signed, V. A. P. Brevete S. C. D. G.. $50-$100.


520.           $50

Carriage clock in nickel case standing 7 inches high. Dial and movement are signed, CB or just B. Dial has seconds dial and alarm dial. Alarm plays music. Music box is in the base. Movement is very nice and clean and running. Original key is stored on the back of the latching back door. $75-$150.


523.           $250

French table clock with permanent pendulum. 8-day movement is time only, running, and is not signed on the back plate or the dial. Not a bad looking small clock from the front but on the back there is evidence where the case was glued at some of the seams. There is a good amount of brass accessories, bird on top, feet, trim around the case. It has a very nice porcelain dial and French hands. I later found a wood base and glass dome that goes with this clock. All in excellent condition. $250-$500.

With base and dome


529.           $50

Modern cuckoo clock with a lot of action from the various figures. It is all there and running. $50-$100.  


554.           $50

German oak wall clock, complete with removable top, 6 finials, glass, and brass pendulum. 8-day movement is running and striking properly. $50-$100.


555.           $50

2 400 day clocks, both running. They are signed by their makers and Made in Germany. The domes are original as are the clocks. $50-$100.


556.           $50

2 400 day clocks, both running and have good original domes. Made in Germany. They are signed on the movements. $50-$100.


557.           $50

2 400 clocks, both running, and have the original domes. Made in Germany. Signed on the movements. $50-$100.