Clocks 82-87

86.            $750

F.  Kroeber Clock Co. New York, “Regulator No. 30”, ca 1875.  This early model has a plain glass and is 37” high.  The later, 1881 model, is 41” high.  This clock has a signed Seth Thomas 8-day movement that is running.  That movement is correct for this model.  I have sold other No. 30’s that also had a ST movement.  The walnut case is original top to bottom, all the carved pieces, etchings, applied ornaments, and the turned and grooved columns.  The case has not been cleaned for some old crazing remains on the wood.  It does appear to have been lightly polished.  On the back is a complete paper label.  There is a door lock, a correct brass pendulum, brass dial rings, and original dial pan and hands but it now has a new paper dial on the pan.  Ly-Kroeber, page 106.  It books for $2500 and we have seen this model go much higher, usually at live auctions where folks cannot stop bidding and do not even inspect the clocks, and for sure cannot return them.  $1000-$1500.




87.            $850

Seth Thomas Chime Clock with a 4 bell Sonora Chime movement, ca 1913.  This movement is quarter hour chiming, playing the Westminster chimes.  After playing the Westminster chimes three hammers strike the hours making a very pleasant sound.  Much more pleasant than the 5 bell Sonora that only hits one bell on the hours.  The plain mahogany case is 81 inches tall, with a full latching door, a removable partition on top to access the two movements.  The 8-day movement is running and chiming as it should.  Experience tells me that you may have to adjust the four bell hammers after you transport the clock.  That is easy since the top comes off.  There are only 4 models of the Sonora Chime floor clocks pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas, #364, #1354, #1391, and #1392.  Most clock collectors have never seen a floor clock with a Sonora Chime movement.  This is a clean, polished, all original, Seth Thomas clock.  Surprisingly it seems to appeal to the female collectors.  It is probably the nice pleasing chime sound.  $1000-$1500.


85.               $600           

Waterbury Clock Company hanging clock, Calendar No. 36”, ca 1891.  Very dark 27” high walnut case, apparently has the original finish and is clean and polished.  This case is complete and all original.   Both dials have the original paint, with very minor flaking, and both are signed.  Original pendulum bob and it has the three correct hands.  The calendar rolls are very dark.  On the back is a complete paper label.  I took the dials off because I could not attach the pendulum to suit me.  I found that the calendar is not hooked up completely.  My expertise does not extend to clock maintenance so you will need to hook it all up properly.  This clock has booked for over $2000 for several years.  $1500-$2000.  Ly-Waterbury #277.  $750-$1000.



84.            $400

J.  C.  Brown / Forestville Manuf.  Co, 8-day shelf clock with decorated case that has retained most all of the gilt stenciled decorations, ca 1850.   I notice that several companies sold this identical clock, most mentioning J.  C.  Brown on the labels.  The rosewood veneered case stands 15 inches tall and retains a good original finish, clean and polished.  Both glasses are original as is the signed dial, complete label, wire gong, old pendulum bob, and the 8-day movement that is running and striking.  In internet auctions we note these clocks sell from $700 to $1000.


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82.            $500

Welch, Spring & Co. mantel clock, “Lucca V. P., ca 1885. Polished rosewood case is 24 inches high, dark but clean and polished.  All the finials look to be original.  I just noticed I did not center them very well for the picture.  It has a great original finial that only shows on one clock in the books.  The three glasses are all original, a complete black label inside on the bottom, and a nickel bell.  The two-piece dial is original as are the brass dial rings and two piece painted dial.  It also has the unique 8-day time and strike movement. Ly-Welch, pages 417-419.  $600-$900.



83.            $750

“The E.  Ingraham Company, Bristol, Conn.”, wall calendar named, “Ionic Calendar”, ca 1880.  This model has a 9” time dial and a 5 1/2” calendar dial, and 5 hands.  I assume the dials are original even though the calendar dial is a different color.  That is normal on this type calendar clock where the dials are protected.  The rosewood case     This may be the only clock that has heavy oversized hinges on the doors.  I am sure it is because the doors are so heavy, particularly the lower which has the calendar movement in it.  The upper movement is signed, 8-day, and time only.  Inside is a period brass pendulum bob and an old winding key.  Overall the clock is in very good condition, has two great movements, and is performing properly.  Ly-Ingraham, page 113.  $1000-$1250.

Interior and label