Clocks 238-243

240.            $1750

“Bolviller a Paris”, signed on the porcelain dial and movement of this unusual and early brass carriage clock, ca 1848-1858.  Bolviller had some connection with Japy Freres in the early clockmaking years.  Brass case is 7 inches high with gilt castings and heavily engraved back door and dial plate.  Both the front and back doors are hinged, with original pull knobs.  Back door also has a movable plate inside the door accessible from the outside allowing access to winding arbors and hand set, without opening the door.  The 8-day movement runs and strikes. Strikes one time on both half hours and hours.  Most unusual and probably earliest of this group of rare carriage clocks. $2000-$2500.

Back      Movement


241.            $350

Seth Thomas Clock Co., Thomaston, Conn., “Parlor Calendar No. 3”, ca 1863.  They made this model for several years and even made an almost identical case to sell to the Culver Bros.  in St.  Louis for their first calendar clocks they were marketing as “Fashion No. 1”.  Similar labels were used on other Seth Thomas and Fashion clocks.  Most of the early veneered clocks had issues retaining the veneer especially on the rounded surfaces. Other than some corner nicks and an edge chip or two the veneer is really very nice.  The dials are painted, not necessarily at the same time and the shading is different.  We assume the calendar rolls are original, but cannot vouch for the hands.  The black label is perfect, the door lock is operational, the glasses look to be original, and inside is an iron bell, brass pendulum bob, and both movements that are original and operating properly.  Ly-Calendar, page 259.  $400-$600.


239.            $150

French marble clock, ca 1880.  Finally we can offer you a clock that will run silently and not ding ding and wake you up.  It has an 8-day time only movement, unsigned, and running with a correct type pendulum.  The black marble case is 16 inches wide and 10 inches high, has some colored marble sparsely inlaid on the case front, and has gold filled incised designs on the front.  There is a small chip on the base, back right corner.  Beveled glass in a brass sash over the one piece porcelain dial and nice French hands.  There is no cover over the round opening on the back.   $200-$300.

jul17_all_3006003.jpg jul17_all_3006002.jpg

243.            $300

Seth Thomas Clock Co. City Series clock, “Greek”, ca 1879. Walnut case is 24 inches high, clean and in good original condition, with no repairs or new wood.  It has a side key lock, knob on the door, and original glass.  The old black label came loose in the base of the case and is now in an envelope.  It can be glued back in place if you so desire.  The nice ST pendulum bob, nickeled bell, brass dial rings, and hands, are all original stock.  The two-piece dial is signed and surprisingly in very good original condition.  The 8-day lyre movement runs and strikes hours on the nickel bell.  Some collectors have asked me how the “Greek” could be a City Series model.  There are many Greek/Greece named cities in the northeast.   Ly-Seth Thomas #545.  $400-$600.

238.            $350

Elaborately decorated porcelain clock made in China for the German market but some gravitated to the American market.  The large case (22 inches high) was first fired with a white glaze then gold paint and painted flower petals were applied and fired a second time.  The brass sash and hands also look like the gold paint on the case.  The porcelain dial has an hour ring and a minute ring.  The German 8-day lever movement is running and striking bim-bam on the half hours and the number of hours.  It is a very impressive and attractive clock.  $400-$600.

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242.            $350

French three-piece bronze set, ca 1880.  The 8-day round French movement is signed, “Japy Freres”.  It is typical of most all French movements of that period, striking half hours and hours on a standing gong.  A hinged bronze door covers the back opening.  The clock case is 13. 5 inches high and the side pieces are 11 inches high, not including the 2-inch-high bases.  All three pieces sit on a padded base that is covered with gold gilt around the edges.  Each of the pieces has bun feet and is signed underneath in several coded ways.  The large base has some chips on the corners.  I am just a rookie in the clock business but over my 45 years collecting and selling clocks I have never seen a three-piece set with bases.  The front of all three bronze pieces are intricately decorated with animals and foul.  The dial ring is slightly soiled and should clean up nicely.  The hands are correct, as are the pendulum and key.  If I could keep a French set, this would be the one.  $500-$750.

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