Clocks 621-632
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621.           $50

Lux “Old Cuckoo Style”, ca 1937. The bird bobs in and out of window. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #722. $100-$200.

622.           $50

Lux “Rudolph”, ca 1940. The red nosed reindeer, America’s favorite animal character prances on the front. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #673. $100-$200.

623.           $50

Lux “Shmoo”, ca 1951. Popular cartoon character back in the 50’s. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #693. $100-$300.

624.           $50

Lux “Hunting Scene”, ca 1930. Bird rocks up and down. Height 8 ½ inches. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #671. $50-$100.

625.           $50

Lux “Bird Stationary”, ca 1937. Bird rests in window. 8-day pendulum movement. Height 10 inches. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #708. $100-$200.

626.           $25

Westclox, “Ships Wheel” key wound pendulum clock. $25-$50.

627.           $50

“John Hunt / Plainville, Farmington, Ct”, OG mantel clock, ca 1830. Little is known about this rare clockmaker. One quote about him is that he made a wood movement carved shelf clock and that around 1840 he was in a partnership with Colgrove. To be so old the 26-inch-high mahogany veneered case is excellent. I see a veneer repair on the base and a stain or water mark on the top left side. Not a big deal. The one day weight driven movement is not signed, wood dial is excellent, hands pendulum and weights are correct, and glasses are original. Inside is a very good label. $75-$150.



628.           $50

Dutch wall weight clock, ca 1850. Painted wooden dial with multicolor floral motif made like a tall clock dial except is only 8 ½ inches high. Not signed anywhere, 8-day, two weight time and striking movement. Strikes on a bell on top of the box. $75-$150.


629.           $150

“Manufactured by Atkins & Downs For George Mitchell, Bristol, Ct.”, wood movement column and splat cased clock, ca 1820-1832. He made his own cases and bought wood movements from Atkins & Downs and others. This 34-inch mahogany veneered case has had a couple of veneer repairs and one small piece missing on the base, back left corner. Both glasses are replacements, stenciling is excellent, no escutcheon but there is a lock. Good old square weights, wood dial and hands. Inside also is an iron bell and a good label. The movement is strung and I know this collector had it running but I did not test for running. $200-$350.


630.           $150

“Seth Thomas / Thomaston, Conn.”, empire style shelf clock, “Column”, ca 1860. Mahogany veneered case is 32 ½” tall, about as nice as we ever get, a few rough spots on top and bottom boards, and a few old repairs or chips glued back in place. Gilt on capitals and bases of the columns, original gold is dull, a small chip or two present. Very nice original painted glasses, identical to glasses pictured in Ly-Seth Thomas. Complete paper label inside, brass bob, winding crank, and a pair of old iron weights. 150-year-old zinc dial is remarkable for its age and repainted at some time, old hands, and the original 8-day brass lyre movement. It is signed, clean, running, and striking the wire gong on the hours. We know there are better ST Empire style clocks out there in collections, but we just rarely get them any more original than this one. Ly-Seth Thomas, pages 512-516. $200-$400.



631.           $100

Column and splat, 30-hour wood movement shelf clock, ca 1830’s. Nice 28-inch-high mahogany veneered case, very good stenciling on the columns, none on the splat, four turned feet underneath. The door latches on the right side, both glasses are old, top has original putty, bottom glass rebacked with black paint covering paint loss at some time. It could be a replaced glass but it is old. No label or other identifying marks. There are a pair of old iron weights, pendulum, iron bell, very nice wood dial and old hands. Perhaps you cog counters can figure who made the movement. $150-$250.

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632.           $100

Ships clock, brass case, silver dial is 6 inches, engraved numerals, replaced hands, push button lid release. No makers name evident. Did not, would not, pull the dial to check the movement. It is running, double wind, 8-day. $150-$300.