Clocks 711-720
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711.           $50

New Haven Clock Co. Drop Octagon wall clock, ca 1880. Case is 23 inches tall and appears to be made of rosewood, although they did make some of Zebra Oak, so cannot tell for sure for the wood is very smoky, probably never cleaned. It has an 8-day movement that is running nicely and striking hours on a gong. The dial is aged but original, and the hands, pendulum, and good label inside are all original. Ly-New Haven, page 165. $75-$150.


712.           $25

Unusual English tin clock. If you have sold clocks as long as I have you will eventually see almost every clock that has ever been made. This clock was made by Fryer & Co in Nelson, Lancashire, England. Advertising printed on the back door says in part, “This Container is issued for our World Famous VICTORY “V” Gums and Lozenges / And a few other lines / The World’s Winter Sweetmeats”. I can only assume you bought this cheaply made tin container with a cheap time only clock, (that is running by the way) filled with their goodies. The clock is made with feet to stand alone, I assume when you eat all the goodies you throw the tin away and keep the clock. $25-?

713.           $50

German 30-hour cuckoo clock, probably post WWII. The case is 15 inches tall, plus of course all the accessories. It is running strong and like most all cuckoo clocks strikes a coil gong on the back door on hours and half hours. Complete and all original. $100-$250.


714.           $50

Seth Thomas banjo clock, “Cornwall”, ca 1931. This is their 8-day time and strike model, pendulum movement, strikes on two long chime rods. The mahogany case is 29 inches high, near perfect condition. I would call it perfect but you would find a nick somewhere. Glasses are perfect, correct pendulum, silver dial, polished brass ornaments and the signed movement that is running and striking properly. On the back is a complete paper label. Ly-Seth Thomas #172. $75-$150.


715.           $150

“Aktiengesellschaft Lenzkirch”, is makers name verified by engraved initials on the 8-day movement in this wall clock made after the year 1851. They changed the logo slightly in 1875 so this movement is ca 1851-1875. The walnut case is 32 inches high and would be slightly higher if it had the bottom finial. It has a two-piece porcelain dial with small chips around both winding arbors; hands are original as is the brass back plate, coil gong, and nice brass and porcelain pendulum. There are 8 original finials, top ornament, three glasses, and porcelain beat scale. $200-$300.


716.           $50

Ansonia Clock Company mantel clock, tambour chiming, “Sonia No. 1”, with Westminster Chimes, ca 1928. Ansonia described the 23-inch-wide case as being brown toned solid mahogany, with a six inch silver plated dial with raised bronze numerals and cast gold plated bezel with invisible hinge. It also has a bowed beveled glass in the bezel, original hands, and the dial is signed two places. On the back of the hinged back door is a metal label. The 8-day movement has the original pendulum, is running, and striking full Westminster chimes and hour strike and is self-adjusting. This is a very clean and nice chime clock. Ly-Ansonia #1686. $100-$150.

717.           $100  

Jerome & Co. New Haven, Conn., cottage clock, ca 1870. There is a complete paper label on the back of the door. It is printed on paper and attached to wood that is covering the gutta percha glass. Both gutta percha glasses are almost perfect. Excellent walnut case is 16 inches tall, all wood pieces are beveled except the door parts which are flat. It has the typical Jerome door knob/latch. The painted metal dial has the original paint, slight damage around the hand arbor and on the dial edges. The movement runs 8-days and strikes on as coil gong. Another typical Jerome feature is the wallpapered backboard. $150-$250.


718.           $35

New Haven Clock Co. banjo clock, “Willis”, ca 1929. The solid mahogany case is 18 inches tall, gold painted eagle and side rails and two painted glasses. It has a 3.5-inch silvered dial, original hands, and an 8-day jeweled lever movement. Bottom door opens to an empty storage box for family jewels. Not running. $50-$100.

719.           $25

“Bluebird with three flowers”, mini cuckoo clock by Westclox, made for Keebler, ca 1935. Mother bluebird swings back and forth feeding her nest of birds. Red flowers and green leaves. 30-hour movement, running, ornamental weights and chains. Height, 6 inches. $25-$50.

720.           $50

Sessions Clock Company hanging clock, “Drop Octagon 10-Inch”, ca 1908. Oak case is 23 inches high, clean front, back and inside.  It has correct glasses, new paper dial and hands, original pendulum and old key. It was recently reconditioned, movement serviced and is running and striking perfectly. Ly-Sessions #103. $75-$150.