Miniature Clocks 55-268
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55.            $850

Rare French brass and glass carriage clock with an 8-day time and bell striking movement, also with two calendar dials, day of the month and day of the week, ca 17th Century.  It is running and striking half hours and hours on a nickel bell and the calendars are functioning correctly.  All the hands appear to be original to the case.  It is 5 ½ inches wide and high.  Black marble base, brass case, glass only on the front and entire top, back and sides are brass.  Both glasses are beveled and very good.  The brass has scratches and shows wear on the back hinged door.  Front door has a knob, back door does not.  Not signed anywhere, movement and case are numbered, “1861”.  $1000-$1500.

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56.            $800

French brass cased carriage clock, ca 1870, time, strike, repeat, and alarm in a finely engraved case with center seconds hand.  The alarm hand is off, now taped to the top glass.  The 6 ¾ inch high case is loose.  I am guessing one or more new beveled glasses were installed and case was not tightened by screws underneath the base.  Neither the dial nor 8-day movement is signed.  The movement is sluggish, runs a bit and stops.  All five beveled glasses are perfect, top of case is full beveled glass.  The hinged back door is not tight, probably because case not tightened from underneath.  $1000-$1500.



209.            $225

French carriage clock, ca 1875.  8-day movement is running and strikes half hours and hours on a coil gong.  Porcelain dial and hands are perfect, as are the five beveled glasses. The brass case stands 7 inches tall.  It retains the original lever platform movement.  An original carriage key is inside.  There is no makers signature on the movement.  The case is slightly dull, probably not polished in some time.  $250-$400.


240.            $1750

“Bolviller a Paris”, signed on the porcelain dial and movement of this unusual and early brass carriage clock, ca 1848-1858.  Bolviller had some connection with Japy Freres in the early clockmaking years.  Brass case is 7 inches high with gilt castings and heavily engraved back door and dial plate.  Both the front and back doors are hinged, with original pull knobs.  Back door also has a movable plate inside the door accessible from the outside allowing access to winding arbors and hand set, without opening the door.  The 8-day movement runs and strikes. Strikes one time on both half hours and hours.  Most unusual and probably earliest of this group of rare carriage clocks. $2000-$2500.

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252.            $100

George W.  Brown, Forestville, Conn. “Briggs “Rotary”, 30-hour novelty clock, ca 1858.  E.  N.  Welch continued making the identical clock when Brown went out of business. See Ly-Welch, page 245. Wood base is clean and polished, with the original brass feet underneath, and the iron winding wheel underneath.  The dial shows age and darkening, hands are period, silver ball is also proper.  The movement is running.  The brass movement plates are held with screws where the earlier models were held with pins.  The glass dome is original to the clock. It is not signed anywhere.  $150-$250.

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268.            $200

Wedgwood cased clock, signed on the case base, “Wedgwood”, no other marking on the movement backplate or the dial.  The wonderful case is about 6 inches tall, perfect condition, like new. Ivory looking figures on the front and sides.  $200-$300.