Miniature Clocks 601-798
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601.           $250

Two French carriage clocks. Mini is only 4 inches tall, has five beveled glasses, 30-hour time and alarm, movement signed, “H&H/Made In France”. Not running continuously. Larger carriage is 6 inches tall, 8-day time and alarm, porcelain dial signed “France”, movement signed, “Duverdrey & Bloquel/Made in France”. It runs a bit and quits. Neither have been wound in a coons age, need service. $250-$500.


700.           $10

New Haven Clock Co. Carriage clock, "Paris", ca 1913. Metal case is 4.75 inches tall, finished in French Satin Gold, now with wear to the finish.  One day time only movement has no winding key and has no glass over the dial. Nice signed porcelain dial and hands. Ly-New Haven #330.  New Haven Clock Co. glass desk clock. An easel stand in back. It is 6 inches square, complete and has no problems with the glass band but the mirror glass has a few tiny chips of paint in back. The one day movement winds in back and is running. The dial is signed, “New Haven” and has an amber shade cover. All original.  $10-$50.

723.           $50

German desk clock in a nautical motif. The brass case is 11 ½ inches high and features a ships wheel around the clock face, anchor resting on black marble, with a brass base. It is signed only, “German Made”. The porcelain dial is covered with a cast overlay revealing the numbers thru inserts. In the center are male and female castings. The movement is 8-day, double wind, and is running. $50-$100.


727.           $50

“The Plato Clock”, in a brass case and signed, “Made In Germany”. Reportedly the Ansonia Clock Co., had it made in 1904. The clock has no hands or dial. The upper plates show the hour, lower the minutes. Plain case is 6 inches high. The one day movement is in the base and is not running.  $50-$100.

728.           $100

“The Plato Clock”, stamped underneath the case. Probably made by Ansonia Clock Co., ca 1904. American Everready Co. New York, financed the production of about 40,000 Plato clocks, this model being the top of the line selling for $17 in 1904. The company also made Everready Batteries. The Plato clock has no hands or dial, upper plates show the hour, lower the minutes. The brass case was cast with designs top and bottom with a round heavy glass globe in between. The movement in the base of the case should run 24 hours, and is presently running. It is wound and set underneath. Pictured in all the Ehrhardt books. $150-$300.


729.           $100

Kal-Klok, clock, alarm, and calendar. It is not signed anywhere, but was made by the Howard Clock Corp. of Chicago in the 1930’s. They made many kids of novelty clocks. The Kal-Klok rotary movement was invented by Packard Herbert Lamport and he assigned the patent to the Western Clock Company and several others. I have had 3 of the Kal-Kloks but none as nice as this one. Some did not have a hinged top like this one. It has the original cream paint and stands 5.5 inches high. With the lift up top this one is more attractive than others I have had that just showed the top of the movement with all the wind and set knobs. We see them for sale on ebay bringing $300 and more. $100-$250.

712.           $25

Unusual English tin clock. If you have sold clocks as long as I have you will eventually see almost every clock that has ever been made. This clock was made by Fryer & Co in Nelson, Lancashire, England. Advertising printed on the back door says in part, “This Container is issued for our World Famous VICTORY “V” Gums and Lozenges / And a few other lines / The World’s Winter Sweetmeats”. I can only assume you bought this cheaply made tin container with a cheap time only clock, (that is running by the way) filled with their goodies. The clock is made with feet to stand alone, I assume when you eat all the goodies you throw the tin away and keep the clock. $25-?

757.           $150

Waltham desk set, clock and barometer. Metal case is 10 ½ by 5 ½, has good brown paint, and is complete. The clock dial is signed, “Waltham / 8-days / 9 Jewels”. All parts are functioning properly. $200-$350.


759.           $50

Deluxe novelty clock, “Blossom Time”, made of a molded wood composition with a Japanese motif. The 30-hour movement is running and keeping time. The case is 16 inches tall and has a metal stand in the back. Normally those are missing.   $50-$100.


798.           $50

Two German mini porcelain clocks, 5 ½ inches high, signed, “Mercedes/Germany”. One case marked “West German”, meaning they date to the 1960-1980 era. Both are very clean, like new, one is back wound and running, the other is quartz, did not check. $50-$100.