Modern Clocks 362-706
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362.     $60

Lux starburst electric wall clock, 1950’s.  Get your mid-century modern on right here, starting with a mid-century wall clock right out of your mom’s kitchen or dining room.  Add a Jefferson mystery clock and you’ll have it all.  This clock is 28 inches in diameter with a 7-inch dial.  The power cord is original and it is running.  The gold plating on the arms is good but not perfect.  The plastic body and dial show little wear.  Lux on the dial and Robert Shaw-Fulton Controls Company on the back.  No model number.  $60-$100.


535.           $25

5 small wooden desk clocks, all made by Seth Thomas. They are 4 to 6 inches tall, 4 of the 5 have all their winding stems, one doesn’t. All have good dials, bezels, glass, and hands. None are running. $50-$100.


706.           $100

“Eureka Clock Co. Ltd. / London / 1905”, signed on the movement plate of this rare electric clock. It comes with a wood base and glass dome but the clock sits freely under the dome and not attached to the base. It takes two C batteries placed underneath the base, to run the clock. The one-piece porcelain dial and hands appear to be original. Extra holes on the brass base are above my pay grade to describe as I know next to nothing about electric clocks. The clock by itself is 7 ˝ inches tall, with dome and base it is 10 inches high. $100-$250.

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