Novelty Clocks 562-610
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562.           $50

Columbus clock. See #525 for description. This clock appears to be complete. Easy to assemble and get running. $50-$100.


587.           $100

Seth Thomas “Boat Clock”, ca 1922. The measurements and description fits the Boat Clock in Tran Duy Ly’s books but I am not sure that it may not be another of his ships bell clocks. It is double wind, time and striking ships bells on half hours. The brass case is 7 inches, flanged front and back, 6-inch silvered dial with Arabic numerals, hands are suspect. Clock is running and striking. Someone made a nice box for this clock to hang in. Ly-Seth Thomas #2569. $150-$300.


594.           $50

2 clocks, both need repairs. The small wall hanger is a Seth Thomas “DuBarry”, ca 1928. It is 19 inches tall and has an 8-day time movement. I believe the spring is broken or the click is out of whack. Ly-Seth Thomas #1212.

The large 20-pound brass clock was once a very valuable clock. It was made by Thomas Mercer, an English maker of chronometer clocks primarily. The movement was removed and a $.50 battery movement installed in that huge ball clock with the one inch beveled glass over the porcelain dial. On the bottom is a barometer. The glass is broken over the barometer. I did not check to see if it is operable. You would have to remove the broken glass first. $50-$100.       



600.           $50

Ansonia Clock Co. glass clock with flower designs cut into the glass. It is almost 6 inches tall, complete and has no chips or other problems. The dial is signed twice, original 3 hands, backwind, running as I type. $50-$100.


604.           $50

Lux “Sunburst”, ca1931. Metal case is 4 inches wide, some paint loss on 4-5 petal tips, otherwise nice. Can read Sunburst on the dial. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #706 $100-$250.


605.           $50

Keebler “Fort Dearborn”, ca 1933. First sold at Chicago Exposition. Made by Westclox for August C. Keebler Co. In place of pendulum there is now a campaign button for “Rutherford B. Hayes”. It is probably far more valuable than the clock. Ly-American Clocks, Vo.3, #801. $100-$250.


606.           $50

Lux “Fire Chief Petunia”, ca 1951. Complete and near perfect. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #759. $100-$200.


607.           $50

Keebler “Bird Nest”, ca 1935. Made by Lux, sold by Keebler. 6 inches high. Near perfect condition. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #714. $100-$200.


608.           $50

Lux “Dixie Boy”, ca 1937. 8 inches high, case is mint, highly colored, moving eyes and swinging necktie. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #749. $100-$500.+


609.           $50

Keebler “Bird Nest”, ca 1935. Made by Lux, sold by Keebler. 6 inches high. No chains. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #716. $50-$100.


610.           $50

Lux “Honey-Bunny”, ca 1951. 8 inches high, near perfect. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #686. $100-$300.

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