Novelty Clocks 623-719
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623.           $50

Lux “Shmoo”, ca 1951. Popular cartoon character back in the 50’s. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #693. $100-$300.

624.           $50

Lux “Hunting Scene”, ca 1930. Bird rocks up and down. Height 8 ½ inches. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #671. $50-$100.

625.           $50

Lux “Bird Stationary”, ca 1937. Bird rests in window. 8-day pendulum movement. Height 10 inches. Ly-American Clocks, Vol.3, #708. $100-$200.

626.           $25

Westclox, “Ships Wheel” key wound pendulum clock. $25-$50.

632.           $100

Ships clock, brass case, silver dial is 6 inches, engraved numerals, replaced hands, push button lid release. No makers name evident. Did not, would not, pull the dial to check the movement. It is running, double wind, 8-day. $150-$300.


635.           $150

Seth Thomas hanging, “Ship’s Bell Lever”, ca 1884-1900. Brass case is 10 ½ inches high, bell is losing its plating, case also has wear and scratches. Silver dial has minimal wear, is signed, has correct hands and the bezel is hinged on the left. The one day movement is running and it strikes “eight bells”, same as they are rung on board ship. Ly-Seth Thomas, page 755. $200-$300.



700.           $10

New Haven Clock Co. Carriage clock, "Paris", ca 1913. Metal case is 4.75 inches tall, finished in French Satin Gold, now with wear to the finish.  One day time only movement has no winding key and has no glass over the dial. Nice signed porcelain dial and hands. Ly-New Haven #330.  New Haven Clock Co. glass desk clock. An easel stand in back. It is 6 inches square, complete and has no problems with the glass band but the mirror glass has a few tiny chips of paint in back. The one day movement winds in back and is running. The dial is signed, “New Haven” and has an amber shade cover. All original.  $10-$50.

706.           $100

“Eureka Clock Co. Ltd. / London / 1905”, signed on the movement plate of this rare electric clock. It comes with a wood base and glass dome but the clock sits freely under the dome and not attached to the base. It takes two C batteries placed underneath the base, to run the clock. The one-piece porcelain dial and hands appear to be original. Extra holes on the brass base are above my pay grade to describe as I know next to nothing about electric clocks. The clock by itself is 7 ½ inches tall, with dome and base it is 10 inches high. $100-$250.

Without dome     Back


712.           $25

Unusual English tin clock. If you have sold clocks as long as I have you will eventually see almost every clock that has ever been made. This clock was made by Fryer & Co in Nelson, Lancashire, England. Advertising printed on the back door says in part, “This Container is issued for our World Famous VICTORY “V” Gums and Lozenges / And a few other lines / The World’s Winter Sweetmeats”. I can only assume you bought this cheaply made tin container with a cheap time only clock, (that is running by the way) filled with their goodies. The clock is made with feet to stand alone, I assume when you eat all the goodies you throw the tin away and keep the clock. $25-?

719.           $25

“Bluebird with three flowers”, mini cuckoo clock by Westclox, made for Keebler, ca 1935. Mother bluebird swings back and forth feeding her nest of birds. Red flowers and green leaves. 30-hour movement, running, ornamental weights and chains. Height, 6 inches. $25-$50.