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800.           $225

Elgin Watch Co., Elgin, Illinois, “B.W. Raymond, 16 size, 21 jewels, nickel plate movement is running, screw back and bezel, 8 adjustments, open face case and Arabic numeral, double sunk, white enamel dial with blued steel spade and poker hands, serial #796036. Base metal case with engraved train on the back. $350-$500.

801.           $55

A 16-inch sterling silver watch chain.


804.           $250

“Elgin Natl. Watch Co.”, engraved case, size 18, pocket watch. The movement is marked the following, “Elgin  Ill.”, “4013657”, “G M Wheeler”, “Safety Pinion”. No mention of how many jewels. The top lid is signed, “Keystone” and has a serial number. The inner lid has the same serial number. Mountain scene engraved on the back. I believe the case is gold and will find out before the auction ends.


805.           $475

Hamilton Watch Co.  Grade 2974B, signed “US Navy / BU Ships”, 16S, 17j, OF, nickel case (silveroid), SW, open display back, adj temp & 3P, hacking movement#325017, stamped “US NAVY B U SHIPS”, double sunk dial, nice military collectible pocket watch, in GRO.


806.           $1150

“Magnetat, Swiss, rare ¼ hour musical chime repeater, 16S, 7J, OF, adj 2 positions, small hairlines on the dial, two tone metal case has two filled chips, stem wind, rare music chime at the quarter hours, very collectable, GRO.


808.           $175

Hamilton Watch Co., Star Watch Case Company, Grade 974 Special, 10K gold filled, 16S, 17J, #2539377, OF, stem wind, red 5 second increments printed on the dial edge, nice bold Arabic numbers, GRO.


809.           $475

“Ball Watch Co., Official Standard, Cleveland, Ohio”, copied from dial, lever set, swing out, OF, 21J, 16S, double roller, #8641519, adj 5 P, Montgomery dial with red and black seconds on edge, dial has five hairlines from center hole, GRO.


812.           $495

Illinois Watch Co., Bunn Special, 60 hour, motor barrel, 21J, 16S, #4826665, double roller, adj temp & 6 P, perfect dial, GRO.


815.           $200

Howard Watch Co., 16S, 17J, 854354, lever set, adj 3 P, OF, GJS, SW, ¾ plate, model 1905, double roller, GRO.


816.           $145

Caravelle Watch Co. / Bulova Watch Co., Swiss made, OF, 17J, 14S, bold Arabic numbers, perfect dial, nice metal case, GRO.


818.           $295

American Waltham Watch Co. (AWW.CO) “Riverside”, 19J. 16S, lever set, swing out case, OF, adj 5 P, #17059610, LS, Montgomery dial with both red and black 60 second numbers on the edge, 24 hour inner circle numbers, bold Arabic numbers, 20 year case, perfect dial, GRO, nice watch.


819.           $185

Henry Sandoz “Admiral”, non-magnetic, Swiss Made, Roman numbers, perfect dial metal case, adj 2 P, 7J, 14S, OF9721833. Dial signed, “Route 66 Diner”, GRO.


820.           $175

Elgin Natl. Watch Co. 18S, HC, SW, LS, 17J, #13877632, 25-year case, inscription on inner lid states, “Robt C. Coulthard” worn design on case, GRO.


821.           $115

Stowa, German WW2 military watch, two tone tan dial, HC, 15J, 16S,10-year case, needs a cleaning.


822.           $375

Hamilton Watch Co., 21J, LS, OF, 16S, lever set G992, display case with original Hamilton tag, open display backcase, adj 5 P, #2553548, perfect dial, bold Arabic letters. GRO.


823.           $176

Seth Thomas, 18S, 12J, #86855, pat’d Dec 6, ’87, Premier case, Roman numbers, perfect double sunk dial, GRO.


824.           $285

Hamilton Watch Co., 16S, 17J, double roller, #1016317, Grade 973, adj 5 pos., 20 year case, inscription on inner lid “Father & Mother to John D. Hoffman Dec 22, 1910”, double sunk dial in perfect shape, red second numbers in 5 second increments, nice Arabic numbers, nice case, GRO.


825.           $500

Hamilton Watch Co., S16, lever set, movement grade 992B, 21J, OF, adj temp & 6 P, ¾ plate, US GOVT “ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT USA NO. OE-11998, perfect dial, 24 hour inner circle numbers, military silver case, 1942.GRO.

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Watches 800-825