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Books 909-936

909.           $5

“The Watch Repairer’s Manual”, H.B. Fried. 307 pages, hard back.

910.           $5

“Britten’s Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers”, Seventh Edition. Hard back, 518 pages.

911.           $5

“A Treasury of American Clocks”, Brooks Palmer. Hard back, 371 pages.

912.           $5

“The Clock Book”, by Wallace Nutting. Hard back, 312 pages.

913.           $5

“Watch and Clock Making and Repairing”, W. J. Gazeley. Hard back, 434 pages.

914.           $5

“Modern Watch & Clock Repairing”, Buford Harris, Hard back, 250 pages.

915.           $5

“Clocks & Watches”, E. J. Tyler. Historic timepieces in 100 fascinating pictures. Hard back, 80 pages.

916.           $5

“Making And Repairing Wooden Clock Cases”, V.J. Taylor and H.A. Babb. Hard back, 191 pages.

917.           $2

“Official 1983 Price Guide to Antique Clocks”, and “The Lure of the Clock”. One is hard back one is soft cover.


918.           $2

“The Complete Woodworker”, and “Gems & Gemology”.

919.           $5

Five books. “Clocks & Watches”, “Watch Master – Hand Book”, “19th Century American Clocks”, “American Clocks & Clockmakers”, and “Better Watch Repairing Faster”.

920           $5

Five books. “Clock Repairing as a Hobby”, “Electronic Clocks and Watches”, Dictionary of Gems and Gemology”, Clock-Cleaning and Repairing”, and “Watchmaster-Watchmaker”.

921.           $1

A group of clock books of various subjects.

926.           $53

11 books and booklets about clock repairing. Everything from clock and watch repairing to veneering, cuckoo clocks, and other subjects. $50-$100.

927.           $25

12 books and booklets dealing with watches and watch repairing, both pocket watches and wrist watches. $50-$100.

928.           $25

6 books about barometers, where they were made, who made them, restoration, and wheel and banjo types. $100-$200.

929.           $25

9 large hardback out of print reference books on clocks and watches. Authors include: Nutting, Baillie, Loomes, Landes, and others. $110-$200.

930.           $36

“Dutch Antique Domestic Clocks, ca. 1670—1870 and some related examples”, By Dr. J. L. Sellink. 367 pages discussing the 100 domestic Dutch clocks in the Oegstgeest Museum of Clocks. $25-$50.

931.           $25

11 books and booklets dealing with clock and watch repairing. From repairing wooden clock cases to 400 day clocks. Some well know authors are, Balcomb and Terwilliger. $50-$100.

932.           $52

“La Grande Horloge / La Comtoise Au XIXe Siecle”, by Alain Caudine. 1st Edition book written in French about the Comtoise clocks made in France. 272 pages, lots of color photographs. The collector who owned all these books lived his whole career in many overseas countries. This book is like new. $50-$100.

933.           $25

“Horloges Anciennes”, by Norbert Tieger. Color pictures and history of many of France’s great clocks. 223 pages, all written in French. $50-$100.

934.           $25

“Black Forest Clocks” by Rick Ortenburger. The book features over 600 pictures of different examples of Black Forest clocks. 268 pages. This is another important book for collectors and sellers. $50-$100.


935.           $27

“Britten’s Old Clocks & Watches and Their Makers”, ninth edition, revised and enlarged. Book is like new, collector paid $85 for the book. There are 346 pages of pictures and descriptions of old clocks and 353 pages listing thousands of clock and watchmakers that are known. This is an important book for collectors and dealers. $50-$100.


936.           $25

“Comtoise Clocks, The Morbier, The Morez”, by Francis Maitzner and Jean Moreau. 450 pages of pictures and descriptions of clocks made in eastern France near Switzerland. The same book written in French is listed in #932. $50-$100.