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Miscellaneous 17-561

17.            $500

Monarch Organ Co. a subsidiary of Hamilton Organ Co. ca late 1800’s.  This organ was built by Dwight Hamilton Baldwin who also made Baldwin Grand Pianos.  This oak organ has been restored and is in working condition.  After transporting from Central Ohio to my home I cannot guarantee that every note will now sound melodious.  I am sorry I was not able to take a beautiful picture to show it off but it is heavy, now in my clock store room and will probably not be moved again.  I understand there is a serial number but I don’t know where to look.  It is about 80 inches high and 43 inches wide.  Has lifting/moving handles on the sides, key lock/no key, and a very nice beveled mirror. The wood case has been restored as well as the internal music parts.  The petals are cloth covered.  The stool may be original to the organ but I would doubt it is.  It is complete and functioning properly.  I tested the ivory keys and played my early piano lesson songs.  If you are restoring an old home you need this organ.  There are many near identical Monarch organs pictured and described if you will check the internet.  Google Monarch Organ Co. There are some similar restored organs priced far over $5000.  $500-$1000.



21.            $1100

Black Forest hand carved wood dog whip holder/coat hook, with music, made in the Brienz area of Switzerland, ca 1860.  This rare piece is 16 ˝ inches tall, has no breaks or repairs, has glass eyes, key wind music box that is operating perfectly.  Wood is clean, not smoky or stained as we usually see the early wood carvings.  $1250-$1750.



35.            $1500

German carved very rare double Whistler, ca 1930’s.  Identical movement to all the previous Whistlers I have sold.  Over the years a long-time collector of Whistlers has gradually downsized his large collection, this one is probably his most valuable.  The movement, bellows, and other internal parts are all working properly.  When the whistle is activated the head of the figure on the right turns and he whistles.  When he stops whistling the head of the figure on the left starts turning and whistling.  There are removable wood covers over the movement.  Whistle activation switch is on the back as is the winding arbors for the movements.  The figures on the wood base stand 15” tall.  When placed inside the glass dome it is 14 inches tall.  $1500-$2500.

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58.            $950

Polyphon Musikwerke was founded in 1890 in Leipzig, Germany, and in 1894 began selling music boxes in America.  Polyphon, Regina, and Symphonion, the big three, had about 90% of the music box market.  In a year of two the disc music boxes became obsolete as the phonograph became dominant in the home entertainment market.  Most music box makers went out of business by 1914.  This walnut meandering case is 11 inches wide and 6 inches high with a colorful lithograph on underside of the lid.  The comb has 41 teeth and plays discs 8 inches to 8. 25 inches.  It is operating as expected and comes with more than 25 discs.  The case lid has a key lock in front, with a key.  The winding lever is in front and is the activation knob.  The case is in near mint condition.  $1000-$1500.




249.            $350

Automatic Harp by “The Ward-Stilson Co. New London, Ohio”, ca 1880.  There are six strings on a stained wood case with tri-chromate transfer decoration.  This is their model #9582. They made other harps with different string arrangements.  The on/off music box lever is near the base of the harp and it is playing one song.  Underneath the base is a paper label stating the name of the tune being played.  The label inside is complete as are other parts of the music box and case, except there are two missing guitar type strings on the outside that are just for looks.  You can buy those strings at any music store.  The music box in the bottom of the case winds on the back of the case.  This may be a well know company in middle America but their Harps were very rare.  $400-$550.


538.           $25

“Electrical Bank Protection Co.”  It is running, but what is its purpose? $50-$100.


561.           $25

Parts for wood shelf clocks, stenciled half columns, carved splat, stenciled splat, wood movement but not sure if complete. $50-$100.

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