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Miscellaneous 575-724

592.           $25

A large quantity of veneer. 30 large sheets, or more, of various woods.

685.           $300

American tall case, ca 1820, plus or minus. We will call it a “project” clock because it does not have a movement, pendulum, dial, or weights. The 97-inch-high mahogany case is very nice, clean and polished, and has a good finish. There are some wood splits, perhaps the most noticeable is just below the bonnet door. The broken arch top bonnet slides off the case. The bonnet and middle section both have doors, with metal knobs. There are three finials on top. There are no side doors or glasses, just solid wood sides. A correct movement would probably be wood, with chain or cord pull up tin can type weights. The case is a nice size for modern 8 foot ceilings but you would have to remove the middle finial or shorten it. Thirty-hour wood movements are not difficult to find. We have sold some in past auctions. $500-$1000.

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575.           $25

Backboard for shelf clock. Excellent complete label says, in part, “Bunnel & Scovill, Owego, Tioga County, N.Y.”. Note attached says there is a 30-hour wood movement with it. Got separated during transport. The movement will be one of those listed with numbers $540 thru #553. Maybe you can identify it and get the movement and backboard together.


579.           $25

Carved splat and some wood wheels and one plate.

580.           $25

Misc items for a repair shop. L to R. two large rolls of sheer plastic. This long-time collector covered the labels in the rare clocks. There is a roll of clock veneer. The 4th roll is full of all lengths of clock suspensions from 2-foot-long to a few inches long. Probably a 100 or more. Then there are a couple of 3-foot-long suspensions and some wood rods to be used for various parts.

582.           $25

Misc. clock parts. 581A is a group of bells for early shelf clocks. 581B includes spring clamps, new springs, bushing tools, several wire gongs, and other stuff??

590.           $25

Misc. clock parts – wheels for early Dutch clocks and for wood movement American shelf clock, old chains, finials, new pendulums, new bezels with glass, and other stuff.

591.           $100

Wood movement, dial, and hands, for an early American floor clock, ca 1825. The dial is 11 ¾ inches wide and 17 inches high. None of the dials in this auction will work in the tall clock listed. The collector had nowhere to use this movement so he placed it on a wall shelf so he could still enjoy it.

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704.           $50

Music box with a 72-tooth comb. It winds on top and music is activated by a lever on the end. Key locking lid, but no key. The box is 9 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 3 ½ inches high. Box is made of cedar. No doubt Swiss made and retailed by a furniture store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their name inscribed inside the top lid. $100-$200.


724.           $100

Glass dome on wood base. The glass at the base is 8 ½ by 5 inches and stands 14 inches high, not including the wood base. $100-$300.