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Miscellaneous 725-907

725.           $250

Banjo clock movement, hands, pendulum, and pulley. The 8-day time only movement is signed, “Foster Campos / 4 / Pembroke, MA. / 1494”. It is new stock no doubt purchased at his estate auction. $300-$500.


726.           $250

English fusee movement, time only and running energetically. The bras dial plate has screw holes on the four corners and is 10 inches square. It has cast brass spandrels on the corners, silver dial ring with Roman hours and Arabic minute marks. The inner dial has the seconds dial, three original hands, engraved flowers, slow-fast adjuster, and is signed, “J. Parkes & Sons / Liverpool”. $300-$500.


802.           $80

Man’s gold ring, 10k, weighs approximately 4.2 grams. Scrap price on 10k gold should make you some money.

803.           $200

Demo Helical Hairspring Escapement Movement in 24K gold with extensive engravings and large ruby red jewels and hand blued screws. This is the largest one ever made and is 8 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches high. Made of fine mahogany and polished to a bright sheen. It is covered with a glass dome and runs one week between windings. The smaller ones we sold previously ran only 5 days. There is a very limited supply of them made and they are serial numbered, this one is No.137. Clock shops buy them to demonstrate to their customers how an escapement works, and they are ideal for teaching children and adults the fundamentals of the escapement. $300-$500.


900.           $ 10

Micrometer in the original box, signed, “Japan Micrometer”.

901.           $25

Central Tool Co. “Universal Dial Test Indicator Set”.  

904.           $25

8 clock glasses, various sizes, most are painted.

905.           $5

Large lot of clock label, all makers, all sizes.

902.           $100

Swiss music box with a 5” cylinder. Excellent play card on the lid lists 8 tunes. Nice box has good inlay on the top and front and key lock with key. The mahogany box is 14” wide, 5” high, 7” deep. It has a glass door over the movement. The negatives are, the click on the handle that winds the spring is not catching properly, hence cannot wind. The movement is very dirty, definitely will need to be cleaned. This very nice box has no missing teeth on the cylinder, which is very unusual, and the movement appears to be complete, just dirty, and certainly deserves to be restored. $150-$300.

Closed     Label


903.           $25

Set of three carved finials for transition clock.

906.           $45

Cast iron match holder, with holes to attach to the wall. Signed and dated.


907.           $45

Thermometer with porcelain dial, glass covering, all original and operating properly. Advertising on the dial for “Lehigh-Bernstein Manufacturing Corporation / Komfo Bedding”.