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Miscellaneous 908-925

908.           $20

Thermometer with paper dial covered with advertising for Killarney Smokeless Coal Co. / Killarney, W.VA.. Glass is loose, gauge appears to be accurate.


922.           $5

Regulator brass pendulum, 4 inch diameter.

923.           $60

Old clock shelf made of 1 inch oak wood. The top is 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep. In good condition, but has been used.

924.           $5

Very nice clock shelf, dark oak wood. It is 19 wide, 6.5 deep. Oak stained dark and is very attractive. It appears to have a lot of carving but I suppose it was done with a router rather than a knife. Designs all over the bottom board. $75-$150.

925.           $50

Oak clock shelf, 16 inches wide, 8 inches deep. Old but in good condition.