Radios! R101-R201
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R-101.   $115

Emerson Model 594A small tabletop AM radio, ca. 1948-49.  You can't accuse 1940's manufacturers of putting style ahead of function.  This is a restored 5-tube superheterodyne AM radio with a built-in loop antenna in a dark brown plastic case, 11 in x 5.5 in x 7 inches high and weighing 5 lb.  The finish is mirror-sharp and there are no cracks or breaks. Original knobs for on/off/volume and tuning.  The tuning dial is lit.  The radio powers up and has good reception for AM radio stations due to the long loop antenna, with good volume; the tubes, capacitors, and resistors have been replaced as necessary. The power cord and plug have been replaced for safety.  These dark brown cases are often labeled “Bakelite” but Bakelite was replaced by more modern plastics after WWII.  No Makers/model label.  $130-$200.


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R-102.      $80

Motorola Model 5R1 small tabletop AM radio, 1950.  This model came in six colors, here in ivory.  It is a 5-tube superheterodyne AM radio in a painted dense plastic case, 8.25 in x 5.25 in x 5 inches high. There are some small paint chips along the edges, but overall the case is in fine shape with a good glossy finish; the gold lettering is still strong and the two dials (on/off/volume and tuning) are original.  The electronics have been checked, set to specifications, and faulty tubes replaced.  Capacitors are new; original power cord and plug.  Unit powers up and pulls in local AM stations with good volume and minimal buzz.  Can't you just hear that 50's doo-wop sound when you look at this radio? Model information printed on backboard.  $100-$150. 

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R-104.     $80

Emerson Model 544 small tabletop AM radio, ca. 1947-48.  This is a wood case, superheterodyne 5-tube AM radio, 11 in x 6 in x 7.75 inches high.  The veneer on the front shows a nice grained pattern, while the top and sides are smoother and have been stained when the case was refinished.  All capacitors have been replaced and the tubes and resistors checked and replaced as necessary.  The radio was realigned; it picks up several stations and plays loud and clearly.  The on/off/volume knob and tuning knob appear to be original and there is an Emerson decal under the speaker grille.  The dial is backlit; the plastic dial cover is a replacement.  The cord and plug are an old replacement and the cardboard backboard is missing. A nice little radio that would look good on a shelf or counter in your home!  $100-$175. 


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R-108.      $150

Emerson Model 425 portable AM radio, 1942.  This is a portable AM radio with a telescoping handle on top so you can carry it from room to room.  It is 10.5 in x 6 in x 7.5 in high in a refinished maple case with a walnut veneer front.  It’s a 5-tube superheterodyne receiver with restored electronics, but reception is poor in my basement. The dial and dial cover are original, as are the on/off/volume and tuning knobs.   The backboard and power cord have been replaced.  Emerson logo decal on the front, the dial lights up when power is on.  $175-$225.


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R-200.     $160

Philco Model 40-135 tabletop radio, 1939-40.  A 6-tube superheterodyne radio with AM and police bands in a clean walnut case, 14.5 in by 8 in by 10.25 in high.  Everything looks original including the knobs and grill cover. There are six preset pushbuttons for local radio stations that were set at the radio dealer, a feature Philco adopted with this model year, along with the “slide rule” dial.  The last button allows you to tune with the dial control.  Three of the presets still have the radio call letter labels beneath them – WOR and WJZ were New York city radio stations in the 1930’s, so this radio likely first sold out of NYC.   There is an on/off/base switch, volume and dial knobs, and an AM (broadcast) and shortwave (police) band switch.  All are working, the dial is backlit, and the radio, with an internal long wire antenna, has great reception. All the capacitors have been replaced.  $160-$200.


R-201.     $135 

Philco Model 52-941 tabletop radio, 1951-52.  “Designed for today’s overcrowded airwaves”, a 6-tube AM radio in an ivory plastic case with a large backlit tuning dial on the top of the case.  There is an on/off volume dial but no tone control or SW band on this 13-in by 7.5-in by 7-in high case.  The knobs, back, and cord are original. Chips on the case have been touched up.  Capacitors have been replaced, tubes checked and replaced as needed, and the radio tuner realigned.  It plays well with the internal antenna.  $135-$175.


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