Tall Case Clocks 6-34
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6.            $4000

American/English standing astronomical regulator, ca 1830’s or 1840’s.  The mahogany gothic styled case is 96 inches tall and has no major repairs or replaced parts.  The gothic arch top has the same style as glazed door.  There are excellent carvings on the case sides and bonnet sides.  The mahogany is figured, very clean and polished.  So sorry the picture at the top is not clearer as it is too tall for my shop.  Enlarge the picture and you will get more detail of the top.  Because I have never owned an astronomical grandfather clock and being an accumulator of unusual and nice clocks I want to keep this one but better thinkers say no.  It has a large 8 day, time only, weight driven movement, with maintaining power, large original pendulum bob and gold painted stick, and original hands.  The weight is different and one would think had an extension on the bottom.  Maybe so, but I have seen identical brass weights on other English clocks.  The movement is a strong runner.  Dial has good paint with slight fading after nearly 200 years. An identical clock sold at Schmitt’s auction in 2014 for over $8000.  Their dial was signed, “John Stokell, New York”. They credited him as being the maker.  Another clock with an identical dial and some other similar features was advertised in Skinner’s auction, April 2017.  They credited the maker as “John Moore & Sons, Clerkenwell, London with case by T. N. Lowther, ca 1840”.  I believe our clock was made in England or Scotland and perhaps retailed by an American dealer.  $5000-$7500.



14.            $300

Mason & Sullivan Company floor clock, made from this kit, dated 1973.  Oak case is 84 inches tall, complete, and original with the makers brass plaque.  In the Ohio antique mall where it was before it came to us it was priced at $1200, then marked down to $800.  The bonnet has side glasses.  The movement is 8-day, 5 brass tubes playing Cathedral chimes on quarters and a moon phase on top.  The brass dial ring is 9 ˝ inches and the square dial plate is 11 inches.  The best thing about the clock is that it is running and striking properly and is very clean.  The German movement is signed but I cannot read the name.  I do see a trademark, “AKC” or “ACK”.  $300-$500.



28.            $350

Winterhalder & Hoffmeyer German Grandmother clock.  The mahogany case is 68 inches high and 10 inches wide.  It is very clean, but not refinished, no case damage or new parts, overall near mint.  It has glass in sash over the silver and brass dial, and has the original hands.  Dial is not signed, 8-day movement is signed  The movement is time only.  There is a long hinged, latching front door, giving access to nothing but storage space.  There are applied decorations, wood finials, and other trim moldings.  There is a factory number on the back, “1404”. This is an always popular clock because of its size.  It will fit in any space and they are good timekeepers.  I tried to find a place for it in my home because it is a keeper.  You won’t get rich buying and reselling it but you will certainly be proud to own it.  $350-$500.



33.           $300

“Ja Monkhouse / Carlisle”, signed on the dial of this 7-foot-tall oak and mahogany cross banded thirty hour tall clock with arched dial.  The case has a swan neck above the hood columns.  The movement is running and striking the hours on an iron bell.  It has the typical one iron weight that is raised by pulling a chain. The dial is painted and the paint is original and now well over 220 years old.  It has not been touched up and is not missing paint although it has faded some over time.  The painted dial features birds in the lower corners, one in the center, and two in the arch of the dial.  There is a calendar dial just below the hand arbor.  There have surely been many repairs to this old clock and in fact you will not the excellent original pendulum ball and rod are not pictured for I have the rod out to be soldered at this time.  James Monkhouse was recorded working 1770-1795.  We know of other tall clocks by Mr.  Monkhouse for sale, or sold in the USA, with similar, yet different, cases.  They were usually priced over $20,000.  Of course that was back in “the day”.  This clock has endured scores of winters in cold England, carted and hauled everywhere, has some nicks and bruised and of course repairs, and eventually made the trip to the USA and ended up in a collection in central Ohio.  Labels in the case indicate it was probably in an antique mall with a price tag of $2500.  $500-$1000.   

Dial     Movement      Weight


34.            $300

English tall clock, 8-day movement is time, strike and calendar, ca 1830.  The clock is reported to have been made by “R.  Clayton”.  Clocks with near identical cases and with identical dials and movements have been seen in other auctions.  The 8-day movement is weight driven, has a painted iron square dial with moon phase and decorated with two birds.  The 88-inch-high oak and mahogany case is a little bedraggled, needing cleaning and light repairs on the parts below the bonnet.  It has a key locking door, reeded full columns on the bonnet, old finish on the case, wood splits on the back, and much needed repairs on the arch.  The small finials are probably not original but everything else appears to be.  The movement is running and striking the bell on the hours.  The movement, dial, pendulum and weights should be worth more than our minimum.  $500-$1000.

Dial      Movement     Weights